West Virginia’s Back Roads
There were times during our trip to West Virginia when we did not have a specific plan so we ‘meandered’ the back roads for whatever caught our eye. I looked up ‘meander’ in the dictionary and a definition was ‘to wander at random’. We encountered an abundance of beautiful scenery along the way and made several stops too. In and out of the car, unfolding and folding our tripods my friend came up with the idea for an automatic tripod. (Our poor little fingers were getting tired!) What really excited my girlfriend and I were the old abandoned barns. We gasped for air in all our excitement when we came upon one! I pointed out while most woman get excited over diamonds and shopping, for us, it was old barns that did it. Even here at home I enjoy meandering the countryside. I can usually find a few things I need to capture!

'West Virginia Haunted House I' © Denise Bush

'West Virginia Haunted House II' © Denise Bush

'Green Pasture in Autumn' © Denise Bush

'Glow Before Sundown' © Denise Bush

'Among the Trees' © Denise Bush

'Barn with Rusty Roof' © Denise Bush

'Holding Together' © Denise Bush

'Haunted Homestead' © Denise Bush

'Down In the Valley' © Denise Bush

'Barn with White Fence' © Denise Bush

'A Donkey!' © Denise Bush

9 Responses to “Meandering”

  1. 1 Deb

    A Donkey! LOL. Some things just take priority over others, sorry Greg!
    Great shots Denise!

  2. Awesome images Denise!!!!

  3. 3 spiritualized67

    There’s a lot to be said about meandering – and it looks like you did an admirable job of taking full advantage of this free and easy wandering. The creaky old structures that you’ve captured are wonderful finds. Almost makes me want to walk inside just to see what’s going on.

  4. Great shots of awesome landscapes!

  5. Meandering was fun. You got some great shots. I can also see that bracketing your shots gave you a chance to capture some of the buildings that I could not because I did not bracket. Great images.

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thanks everyone! Yes Ken & Debbie, meandering was fun (and looking for the lighthouse!)

  7. 8 Terry Wilson

    Love the sky in Barn with Rusty Roof

  8. 9 Cathie Bonetti

    I totally love the “Haunted Homestead” pic. Whenever I see a photo like that, I always wonder what could have caused such a home to become abandoned. You can almost envision in your mind a forlorn family packing up their furnishings and placing them in the back of an old pick up truck, and then looking back at their empty home one last time as it disappears from view. Its like your camera captured someones broken dreams… sad.

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