Better Light


More West Virginia Barns
While meandering with the group one afternoon we spotted a couple of interesting barns along the road. Displaying less than optimal light at the time, we decided the scenes would look better with morning light. So, on our third morning, after our shoot at a lake we remembered the barns. Hoping the first barn would have fog surrounding it, we were excited to see it did! I had been to this barn a few times looking for fog on a previous springtime visit and finally got lucky on the last day of the trip. The fall foliage made the scene different from what I had captured before and I tried to find some new compositions. With the fog quickly lifting we had to work fast. At the next, neighboring barn instead of fog we found a beam of bright morning light. Here I tried framing the scene with some foreground elements as well as the canopy above. When I discover landscape subjects that interest me I find it is often necessary to go back at a different time of day for different light (or conditions) in order to get an image I like. I have a compass attached to my camera back pack and when I see an interesting scene I use the compass to determine direction and whether the location is an early morning or late afternoon shot.

'Foggy Farm Morning' © Denise Bush

'Foggy Barn in Autumn' © Denise Bush

'On the Edge of the Field' © Denise Bush

'Sunlit Barn' © Denise Bush

5 Responses to “Better Light”

  1. Really nice atmospheric photos. Wish I could be there.

  2. 2 Jack Mroz

    I love barns. Great captures. “Foggy Barn” is my favorite.

  3. Beautifully captured, Denise.

  4. 4 Terry Wilson

    Really great images. I like Foggy Barn in Autumn best. Your experience demonstrates why my cross country trip was something of a disappointment. I saw many great vignettes — in the middle of the day in the middle of big stretch of miles. After a while I began to tell myself that I was really on a scouting trip. Next time I do a road trip, I’ll do it with the luxury of staying in one area for two or three days.

  1. 1 Rainy days in Bucharest « Andi Bob

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