West Virginia Reflections


One of my favorite shoots on our Canaan Valley trip was to a small lake just in time to capture morning’s first light. The sunlight, autumn foliage and reflection came together to create a stunning scene. I couldn’t stop shooting! Aside from the big picture there were many abstracts available in the still reflection. I was amazed at how much ‘Autumn Tapestry I’ looks like woven cloth. I flipped the reflection upright to see how it changed things while leaving ‘Autumn Tapestry II’ as was. To flip or not to flip … what do you think? My favorite of the series is ‘Autumn Morning Reflection’. Yes … the horizon line is right through the center. I’m breaking the so-called ‘rule of thirds’ but not only do I think that ‘rules are meant to be broken’ but I also believe that ‘sometimes centered works!’ I think it works here while the grass in the foreground throws the equilibrium off. A centered subject can be part of a successful composition when other elements come into play. There are many times when a centered composition can work including situations when a sense of order or uniformity or are desired. Every composition does not have to follow the ‘rule of thirds’. Have some fun and break the ‘rule’!

'Autmn Morning Reflection' © Denise Bush


'Canoes At Mirror Lake' © Denise Bush

'Autumn Tapestry II' © Denise Bush

'Autumn Tapestry I' © Denise Bush

3 Responses to “West Virginia Reflections”

  1. Autumn Tapestry I is a “hang up my camera and get out of photography” shot. Beautiful!

    BTW, a jig saw puzzle pic???

  2. 2 Jack Mroz

    “Autumn Morning Reflection” is absolutely beautiful with a perfect reflection. HDR? It has a wonderful painterly look. I find myself taking 3 exposures of everything now just to try the HDR for a different perspective. Excellent detail in all of them. Well done.

  3. Fall reflections really do it for me. I love to see all the abstracts and try and make a little sense out of them. Ralph is right ….my fav too.

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