Catskill Fall Photographers Weekend


After a much needed blogging break following my West Virginia trip here (finally) are some images from the Catskill Photographers Weekend that I led in October. Having been there several times before I tried to choose some images that are a little different from those previously posted. We visited familiar places and a few new spots too. Stops on the tour included a mountain lake, waterfalls, a Buddhist temple and pagoda, the Olana Historic Site, the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, a birch grove, mountain views, a goat farm, and farmland. Heavy rain meant that the waterfalls were flowing better than I had ever seen and the two waterfalls on the property of the Glen Falls House Resort were brownish because of the earth they were carrying. It looked like chocolate milk! Falls in the higher elevations were running more clear. Some of these images were shot a day before the tour while scouting. I, along with our other tour leader have searched the area (relentlessly) looking for new locations to add to our list. Unfortunately many locations are not suitable for the group due to lack of parking, too much hiking or proximity to other locations. Even familiar locations need to be scouted since their conditions can change from season to season. These all-inclusive weekend events take place in the Fall, Winter and Spring. The next weekend is scheduled for February 3-5th. Leave a request in the comment area at the end of this post if you would like more information about the Catskill Winter Photographers Weekend.

'Bastion Falls' © Denise Bush

'Catskill Pond' © Denise Bush

'Willow By the Lake' © Denise Bush

'Catskill Mountain View' © Denise Bush

'Partners' © Denise Bush

'Lake Mills View' © Denise Bush

'Buddhist Portrait' © Denise Bush

'Little Head' © Denise Bush

'Token Catskill Mountain Goat' © Denise Bush

'Field With Red Tree' © Denise Bush

'Birch Grove' © Denise Bush

'Birch Trees & Moss' © Denise Bush

'Roaring Kill Bridge' © Denise Bush

'Catskill Cottage' © Denise Bush

'House On the Hill' © Denise Bush

'Garden Gate' © Denise Bush

'Red Tractor' © Denise Bush

'Mountain Farm' © Denise Bush

'Sunrise Farm in Autumn' © Denise Bush

9 Responses to “Catskill Fall Photographers Weekend”

  1. ‘D’ … your sure can do justice to a waterfall pic. I think it is great that you return to theses spots and leave us with your unique take on the area. The “willow” and “partners” really stood out for me… the whimsical, intimate shot of the “gate” kept me coming back to it.

  2. You have some really nice shots here, Denise. I enjoyed viewing them as they brought back memories of my being there. I like the perspective that you chose, such as the wider angle, down low view of the farm and looking up the hill at Olana.

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks guys for taking the time to look and comment. I really appreciate it. It is interesting for me to hear what others see or find interesting in my images and you both probably feel the same way about your images. Sometimes we do things intuitively without thinking about it until someone points it out. Another person sent an email commenting about ‘perspective’ as well. I had to go back and take another look as to how the comment related. A good learning experience!

  4. 4 Terry Wilson

    Looks like another great trip! Maybe the locations with limited parking could still be utilized. For example, find 4 such places, then print out directions in a 1-2-3-4 list. Have each of the four cars (assuming four cars) go to one place, then rotate to the next one at fixed intervals. After the 4th, all proceed to a fifth place or back at to Inn. Obviously this would work best if the locations aren’t too spread out, and you’d need to carpool a little more efficiently than 2 per car.

    • 5 Terry Wilson

      (I can’t edit my post?) Also, this would make each location less crowded and it would be interesting to see what everyone comes up with, since each group would figure out their own vantage points.

  5. A nice set, D. Bastion Falls looked different; didn’t seem as high. Loved Birch Grove. Partners evoked tenderness. Roaring Kill has great clouds in the water.

  6. Stunning shots as usual D. I especially love the Buddas and the little cottage!

  7. 8 Cathie Bonetti

    Love the Garden Gate pic & the Birch Trees with Moss. So simple.
    I think people who don’t have an “eye” for things would just pass those sites by without a second thought, not realizing the real beauty they hold. That’s where a great photographer comes in. You show us what we have overlooked.

  8. Thanks to all for commenting. Bastion Falls does not seem so high because it was much wider than on the previous trip! (I’m working up the energy for my next post.)

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