My Year In Pictures

As is my tradition each January, I have just finished posting some of my favorite images from last year in my 2011 GALLERY! My first selections included over 100 photographs but acting as my own juror, I edited the gallery down to 40. The images represent places near (Barnegat, Eastern State Penetentiary, Longwood, local scenes) and far (Washington State, West Virginia, DC, the Catskills). I had loads of fun shooting all of these images and I hope you will enjoy looking at them. Come as you are and click the image below to enter the gallery!


A Funny Thing Happened On the Way Home From the Show

I wanted to say, ‘A Funny Thing Happened On the Way Home From the Opera’ but it wouldn’t have been accurate! I was on my way home from a friend’s photography exhibit at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center which is adjacent to the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. After seeing the photo exhibit I walked around the park for a bit with my 100-400mm lens attached hoping to find some nature subjects. I shot a few birds for practice but left without anything to show. I put my camera on the car seat next to me and left the park. As I was about to merge onto busy Highway 73 I looked to my right and noticed a doe and buck. I pulled over, rolled down the window and started shooting when I noticed the fur on the buck standing up and another buck appear from the woods. I have seen this behavior on TV nature programs but now I was getting a live show as the bucks fought for the doe. I was so close I was not able to get both deer entirely in the frame.

'The Battle' © Denise Bush
'The Victor' © Denise Bush