My Year In Pictures


As is my tradition each January, I have just finished posting some of my favorite images from last year in my 2011 GALLERY! My first selections included over 100 photographs but acting as my own juror, I edited the gallery down to 40. The images represent places near (Barnegat, Eastern State Penetentiary, Longwood, local scenes) and far (Washington State, West Virginia, DC, the Catskills). I had loads of fun shooting all of these images and I hope you will enjoy looking at them. Come as you are and click the image below to enter the gallery!


15 Responses to “My Year In Pictures”

  1. Wow, on my knees bowing to you ~ these photos are incredible!

  2. Beautiful images, some are like something that crawled out of my own mind. ‘The Strangers’ was rather disturbing.

    The birds I like especially 🙂

    Brilliantly captured

  3. Outstanding photos, Denise. You’re such a good photographer, must have taken days to whittle the number down to 40. Enjoyed seeing all of them.

  4. WOW… that year went quickly, or is it just me. You should be happy with this group. I look forward to seeing some more of these in our competitions.

  5. 5 Terry Wilson

    Outstanding collection!

  6. Great album Denise! You have such a great eye for interesting pix.

  7. 7 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving comments! I do appreciate it.

  8. 8 Linda DeAngelis

    Thanks for sharing! One photo is just more beautiful than the next.

  9. 9 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Linda. I suppose a few of them looked familiar.

  10. Splendid. Hard to pick a favorite but I especially liked Winter Swept Farm and Palouse Awakening. I also revisited Lake Francis Morning in your 2010 gallery, which is a favorite of mine.

  11. 11 Linda Kamholz

    Great gallery, Denise. My, you do get around!

  12. 12 John Costello

    Beautiful and imaginative collection Denise. My favorites are Palouse Awakening and Barnegat Supermoon and … and … .

  13. 13 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and sharing your favs John!

  14. 14 Sarah

    Denise…. your eye for color, lighting and arrangement is amazing. If I had to pick my favorite… I could not. Not by a long shot. Awesome!!

  15. 15 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Sarah — so nice to hear from you! (XO)

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