Frozen Fun


Catskill Winter Photographers Weekend I
Along with the company of 15 participants in last weekend’s photo tour we found no snow … but the ice was nice! I had fun looking for and photographing some of the frozen subjects we found along our way. Bastion Falls (which is below Kaaterskill Falls) looks different every time I photograph it. This time I approached from the other side and got down low to include some small icy cascades in the foreground. I found some close-up compositions and used a slow shutter to blur the rushing water. At another spot later in the day I used my macro lens to create some frozen abstract images. And at another place, where there was a small waterfall a branch was coated in a thick layer of ice and repeated splashing droplets created what looked like a pile of jewels in the morning light. At the lake I sat close to the edge and took a series of captures with different focus points (infinity, 11.9m, 1.9m). I blended the frames in Photoshop in order to get everything from the foreground to the background in very sharp focus. Below you will find my collection of frozen images. While I was hoping for wintry scenes that included fresh snow I ended up just as happy to have some frozen fun!

'Bastion Falls In B&W' © Denise Bush

'Bastion Falls In Winter' © Denise Bush

'Icy Current I' © Denise Bush

'Icy Current II' © Denise Bush

'Icy Abstract' © Denise Bush

'Frozen Pattern' © Denise Bush

'Frozen Jewels' © Denise Bush

'Frozen Foreground' © Denise Bush

11 Responses to “Frozen Fun”

  1. These are beautiful. I really appreciate your images. Ann Marie

  2. Sorry about the snow…. it seemed to push you in the right direction because this group of pics is stellar. Love the Icy Currents and you are still the ‘queen’ of waterfall shots.

  3. Like the collection and particularly the “new-eye” approach. Love Frozen Pattern. You could start your own collection of place mats with this.

  4. 4 Joanna Patterson

    Very nice images, Denise. I love the frozen close-ups. I have been waiting for something of interest here in the NJ pines, but alas not cold enough…yet- perhaps it will descend on us when least expected. I’m still hopeful. In the mean time I will enjoy your efforts in the Catskills. Thanks.

  5. 5 Ken Henriques Jr.

    The icy effects look great. Sorry I missed the trip but at least I get to see the images I missed. Talked to Linda and Scott and they said they had a great time. Will probably be on the next trip in May. Keep me informed please. Ken

  6. Outstanding photos, Denise. You are a real pro! I love how the multiple shots at different focal lengths turned out. I’m going to do that from now on.

  7. 7 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking everyone! I appreciate all your comments and it’s enlightening to see which are your favorites. There’s more Catskills images to come; abandoned places, abstract birches and mountain scenes.

  8. Hi Denise,

    I find that your images truly catch the essence of the experience. Thanks again for a great workshop!

  9. 9 denisebushphoto

    Thanks Pat!

    If anyone is interested in the May 18-20 Catskill Photographers Weekend let me know and I will send you the pdf flyer. It is important to sign up early. The first 15 will be in my group and there are limited rooms available.

  10. They’re all great shots. I”m still trying to figure out Icy Abstract, my favorite one. The focus stacking on lake shot came out really nice.

    • 11 denisebushphoto

      Icy Abstract is just a macro close-up of some ice in a ditch. I pumped up the color and tonal contrast to strengthen the design of the ice. Thanks for looking and leaving comments.

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