Birch Tree Bonanza

Catskill Winter Photographers Weekend III
It seems that birch trees are a subject that people appreciate. After my Fall trip to the Catskills I posted a few shots of birch trees that were fairly straight forward and I received a lot of favorable comments from friends. While scouting for the Winter tour I found a nice stand of birches along the road and I stopped to play. This time I wanted to do something a little different so I panned with my camera handheld to create some abstract images. This is a lot of fun if you’ve never tried it; just make your shutter as slow as possible and move the camera during the exposure. No two are ever alike! During the tour we stopped at another site along the highway. Here I put my camera on my tripod and zoomed in (or out) during the exposure to create images like ‘Birch Zoom’ posted below. A man stopped to give us a hard time, saying we needed permission from the owner to be on the property. There were no ‘no trespassing’ signs and it was quite clear we were doing no harm. He said he was going to call the state police! Why do people have to be like that? I guess he wasn’t having any fun and didn’t want us to have fun either. We had a laugh about the incident, calling ourselves ‘an evil band of photographers’ and joked about turning ourselves in!

'Birch Abstract No. 5' © Denise Bush
'Birch Abstract No. 2' © Denise Bush
'Birch Zoom' © Denise Bush
'Lichen On Birch Tree' © Denise Bush

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My passion for photography has rewarded me with the opportunity to examine the world carefully. My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints – leaving myself open only to possibilities. As a professional designer I am drawn to images that offer a strong composition, pattern and rhythm. Creating images with a unique perspective while sometimes pushing the limits of traditional composition 'rules' excites me. Landscapes, nature subjects and things from the past are common themes in my work.

8 thoughts on “Birch Tree Bonanza”

  1. Thanks ladies! I learned this technique while on one of my first nature workshops in New Hampshire. It poured the entire time and at a stop beside some large birch trees the instructor showed me how to do this. After creating a little collection I told him that ‘I was happy again’!

  2. Sooo right…no 2 are ever the same. Many people see thins and think it is easy….. It is easy to push the trigger… not easy to get such brilliant shots as you have here. ‘D’ these are really great abstracts. Love the zoom… can not tell you how many times I have tried this technique. You picked the right light and background for this set…. love it!!!!

    1. It looks like you have found a post from my 2012 archives! Now that I live in CO it’s all about aspens rather than birches! To see the most recent posts click on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog at the top then scroll down. Thanks so much for the visit and comment.

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