A Feeling of Zen


On the way back from a sunrise shoot not long ago I came upon these foggy scenes. Immediately thinking the scenes were ‘Zen-like’ I later thought, ‘what is Zen, exactly’? After doing a bit of research I found that there is no one single meaning but the images certainly do fit many of the definitions used to describe Zen. A quiet image or space is often characterized as Zen-like. It can be a state of mind in which one is calm and impassive. Zen can be a feeling of serenity and peace.

'A Feeling of Zen' © Denise Bush

'Foggy Enlightenment' © Denise Bush

'Morning Calm' © Denise Bush

10 Responses to “A Feeling of Zen”

  1. 1 Terry Wilson

    I love fog! These are really nice. I like Foggy Enlightenment best.

  2. Ahh! These do have a calming, Zen-like feel to them. A good remedy for a stressful week.

  3. 3 Ken Henriques Jr.

    You always take photos that are pleasing to the eye.

  4. Like “A Feeling of Zen.” Out there is the end of the world and it’s calm all the way. My kinda place.

  5. 5 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking everyone!

  6. Beautiful!

  7. 7 Pat

    You are right. These images are very Zen like.

  8. Ver Zen, nice work, love the misty element plays into the background and foreground.

  9. You got this exactly right!

  10. 10 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving a comments!

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