I Love Lucy


On a recent camera club field trip to the National Zoo in DC I fell in love with a wonderful orangutan named Lucy. She posed for us for a very long time and with the patience of a saint. We learned that she was 39 years old so she has been modeling for a quite a while. I talked to her the same way I talk to my dog and she would respond by looking my way. I was a big fan of the TV show, ‘Orangutan Island’ when it aired. It was a reality show about orangutans who were rescued young and grew up in a compound with people caring for them. They wanted to return the orangutans to the wild but they feared the jungle a bit too dangerous for them so they put them on an island. Each one had distinct personality traits and they formed a sort of society. It was a great show and getting a chance to meet Lucy was great too!

'I Love Lucy' © Denise Bush

'Up Close & Personal' © Denise Bush

'Lucy' © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “I Love Lucy”

  1. 1 Ken Henriques Jr.

    I love Lucy too. She looks like she would be thrilled to play with someone and I love all animals.

  2. Great photos, Denise. I especially like the top photo.

  3. Nice, make you feel good and kind shots.

  4. 4 Joanna Patterson

    Outstanding shots of Lucy. Beautiful!

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