Outside (& In)


On the first morning of a recent trip to the Tennessee side of Smoky Mountain National Park, my friend and I were greeted with a fine, misty rain. Equipped with rain sleeves to keep our cameras dry, we worked the cabin scenes along the Roaring Fork Motor Trail, capturing the soft light and ultra-saturated greens. At each site there was a plaque telling of those who had lived here, deep in the Smoky Mountains. I could almost hear the banjos and fiddles playing while imagining how it was, not so long ago. The cabins were open and offered a nice respite from the rain so I went in and photographed from the inside too. And, since the weather kept other tourists from venturing out, we enjoyed the quiet mood of the day.

‘Roaring Fork Cabin’ © Denise Bush

‘Cabin View’ © Denise Bush

‘Bale’s Place’ © Denise Bush

‘Shelter From the Rain’ © Denise Bush

‘Ephraim’s Place’ © Denise Bush

‘The Back Door’ © Denise Bush

8 Responses to “Outside (& In)”

  1. 1 Ken Henriques Jr.

    Denise, You find the best out of the way places and neat pictures. Really cool cabins and it’s hard to believe people lived there. No need for A/C there is enough air flowing through the walls.

  2. Nice scenes and mood-setting commentary. Really like Bale’s Place.

  3. You did a great job with the photos and enjoyed seeing them. Too bad you did not have better weather.

  4. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving comments guys! I actually thought the weather added to the scenes and really brought out the greens. I don’t think I would like these as much if it was sunny.

  5. 5 MikeP

    Light rain, diffused light and the bonus… nobody around… perfect. So right about the light, it sure does work for these comps. Love “Bale’s House” and “Back Door”.

  6. 6 spiritartartist

    I love these cabin scenes, D. I see the weather was no obstacle for an accomplished photographer like you.The wet day adds to the magical and moody quality of these photos. I especially like the shots taken inside looking out. I wonder if they filled all those cracks in the walls with anything in the winter? Even if they did, it must have been awfully cold and drafty!

  7. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying
    for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

    • Thank you! I am not aware of Yahoo News. I did not take any action to be on there. I will have to look into it. This is an older post that you commented on. To see the most recent click on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog at the top.

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