Waterfall Favorites & Shooting In The Rain


My favorite waterfall shots from a recent trip to Smoky Mountain National Park are those shot along Roaring Fork Motor Trail on that first, misty/drizzly day described in the previous post. The greens were astonishing and the moss on the rocks seemed neon and surreal. It was easy to get the silky water effect with the soft and diminished light. Apertures of f/14-f/22 and a 100 ISO paired with shutter speeds slow enough to achieve the correct exposure and result I wanted.

Being prepared for the weather meant everything to the success of the day. Here’s what you need to photograph in the rain:

1. A good rugged raincoat. My knee length raincoat kept me dry and comfortable. I always take it with me on trips and often use it when it’s not raining because it’s roomy enough to wear layers under-neath while acting as a wind-breaker. Hoods and ball-caps get in the way so wear a waterproof hat with a brim that doesn’t bump the camera when looking thru the viewfinder.
2. There are several products out there to keep your camera dry, including raincoats for your camera. I think the clear plastic (disposable or reusable) Rainsleeves by OpTech work great. They fit over your camera and lens and allow for tripod use. It does take some patience to work the controls thru the plastic but it’s doable. There’s a cord to tighten the sleeve around the lens and an opening to secure around the viewfinder.
3. Have an extra, soft towel handy to dry off your camera if it gets wet and an extra lens cloth for water spots. I’ve had my camera in the rain on several occasions and it’s weathered well. Try to keep you lens pointed down as much as possible and check it from time to time to make sure there are no water spots that will show up on your images.

Now, I don’t recommend an outdoor session if it’s pouring rain but photographing in a light rain can be fun if you have the right attitude. Spring is a perfect time for a shoot in the rain … try it!

‘Mossy Cascades’ © Denise Bush

‘Roaring Fork Cascades’ © Denise Bush

‘Spring Rush’ © Denise Bush

‘A Different View’ © Denise Bush

4 Responses to “Waterfall Favorites & Shooting In The Rain”

  1. Beautiful ‘waterfall’ images Denise. Thanks for explaining how you were able to get that silky water.

  2. Good advice on wet weather shooting. Don’t forget the boots too! The time I was in the Smokies my favorite place was the Roaring Fork. When I was there the weather was about the same as you had damp, damp and more damp. Great job.

  3. 3 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving comments! There’s lots more from the Smokies to come!

  4. Outstanding photos, Denise. I always enjoy the positioning of your camera relative to the scenes.

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