Flower Power


Flowers are a popular photography subject and understandably so. I know I can’t resist the temptation to shoot them no matter how common. For the most part I like to use a shallow depth of field to create a more abstract composition rather than an image that’s purpose is to record the structure of the flower. The blurrier the (bokeh) background the better. Getting in nice and close with my 100mm macro lens I often choose to highlight a particular aspect of the specimen while allowing the rest to blend into fields of color. I’ve shot flowers in several locations this spring, both in the wild and cultivated gardens. Below each image I have indicated the locations as well as the apertures used.

‘Happy Pitcher Plant Flower’ © Denise Bush (NJ Pine Barrens, f/6.3)

‘Twig Rush’ © Denise Bush (NJ Pine Barrens, f/9.0)

‘Lanced Leaf Sabatia’ © Denise Bush (NJ Pine Barrens, f/9.0)

‘Unidentified’ © Denise Bush (Smoky Mountains, f/5.0)

‘Solomon’s Seal’ © Denise Bush (Smoky Mountains, f/5.0)

‘Violet Detail’ © Denise Bush (Chanticleer Garden, f/2.8)

‘Iris No. 1’ © Denise Bush (Catskills, f/5.6)

‘Iris No. 2’ © Denise Bush (Catskills, f/4.0)

‘Lupine Layers’ © Denise Bush (Chanticleer Garden, f/2.8)

‘Dogwood Blossoms’ © Denise Bush (Batsto State Park – NJ, f/4.5)

‘Clematis Close-up’ © Denise Bush (Chanticleer Garden, f/5.0)

‘Columbine’ © Denise Bush (Smoky Mountains, f/4.5)

‘Poppy Center’ © Denise Bush (Chanticleer Garden, f/4.5)

‘Yellow Trillium’ © Denise Bush (Smoky Mountains, f/4.5)

8 Responses to “Flower Power”

  1. Stunning images, Denise. Love them all.

  2. 2 MikeP

    Weeelllllll…. these are not just flowers but intimate works of art. Your control of the background is fabulous. How did you train those green buds to lineup with the leaves behind them…love it!! (‘Solomon’s Seal’)

  3. Just beautiful Denise. Great Macro’s!!!

  4. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking, liking and commenting!!!

  5. My, but you’ve had a productive spring. Liked ’em all. The trillium has a lens baby effect because of the narrow DOF and the leaves falling away left and right towards the viewer, and it leads the eye right to the bloom.. Really liked Iris #2. Dogwood Blossoms is appealing; there’s a suggestion of an arch that is restful and the pink/white is pleasing.

  6. 6 Deb

    They all look wonderful. Yes, it’s so hard to pass up such beautiful photo subjects!

  7. This is an awesome collection of flower shots, great work!

  8. I never tire of looking at your photos!

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