There hasn’t been a post from me in recent weeks because I have been busy … evolving! (Or at least, trying to!) At the beginning of this year I began examining my work and goals. I thought ‘what now … more of the same … where do I want to go from here?’ The thing is, photography is my passion … I love it and want to do and learn it all! Years ago I wrote my artist’s statement that read, ‘My approach is intuitive and I choose to impose no constraints – leaving myself open only to possibilities.’ That still rings true and it’s some new possibilities I feel ready to explore. Sure, I’ll continue to shoot landscapes, nature, rusty things and the abandoned places that have been common themes in my work. But with ideas for a new path to explore, I am excited about what has been brewing. Including my involvement in camera club, juried exhibits, Catskill photo tours, One-On-One Training and iStockphoto, photography has been an enjoyable yet consuming part of my life. In order to free up more time to focus on new ideas I must be more selective in making commitments. So, after looking at the enormous stack of prints that have accumulated from 7 years of camera club competitions I have decided to give-up print competitions. In order to really get into self-expression I am feeling less importance toward what a judge thinks of my work. With that I leave you with something that you may not have expected from me … JUST FOR FUN and with no explanation!

‘Lamb Lunch’ © Denise Bush

8 Responses to “Evolving”

  1. 1 Terry Wilson

    I know what you mean! Moving to the other side of the country worked for me. 🙂 Here, I have rocky shorelines, perfect for playing with my 10stop ND filter. Like the new image BTW.

  2. Unfolding transformation is exciting. What arrives on the other side will always be intriguing.

  3. Good for you. Change is good sometimes and gives you a chance to do new and different things.

    I have a similar feeling about myself regarding your statement, “I am feeling less importance toward what a judge thinks of my work.” I think that statement shows you are able to fly on your own and have learned to depend upon yourself more and get feedback in other ways. Helpful critique is good, but it does not always have to come from a contest judge.

    Have a great time on your new journey!

  4. 4 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic, Terry, Al & Ken!

  5. Hmmm… evolving…. good on ya!!! See I am evolving into an ‘Aussie’. Just kidding, so no more prints and we go to a new point system. These are major changes, I wish you all the best and am eagerly awaiting your work. Tell Brent the wolf pose is perfect… 🙂

    • 6 denisebushphoto

      “Good on ya”? Why tell Brent the wolf pose is perfect? (Confused.)

  6. Fun and thought-provoking! Looking forward to seeing more of your work as you embark in a new direction. (And I still would like to do some one-on-one sessions…as soon as some family health issues stabilize, I will reach out.)

    • 8 denisebushphoto

      Great! I would love to work with you! Hope all is well soon.

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