Returning To the Catskills


While thinking about the upcoming fall Catskill Photographers Weekend (October 12-14) I realized that I never posted photos from the past spring trip. Better late than never … below are a few favorites. I especially enjoyed photographing the early morning reflections on a pond filled with lily pads. While scouting I grabbed a quick shot of another spring reflection at Notch Lake. And, Bastion Falls looks different each time I visit so I always enjoy attempts to get a different angle. Then there’s the old truck, found years ago by a friend. I check on it every so often and took those riding in my car there on the last afternoon. Always with plenty to shoot I look forward to returning in the fall, my favorite time of year. If you would like information on the upcoming Photographers Weekend leave a request in the comment area below the photos in this post and I will email the PDF flyer to you.

‘Between the Lilies’ © Denise Bush

‘Lilies On the Pond’ © Denise Bush

‘Notch Lake’ © Denise Bush

‘Bastion Falls in Spring’ © Denise Bush


‘Shinglekill Falls in B&W’ © Denise Bush

‘Up Against Bastion Falls’ © Denise Bush

‘Surrounded By Green’ © Denise Bush

2 Responses to “Returning To the Catskills”

  1. Beautifully done images, Denise. You are certainly the queen of waterfalls! My favorite image in this lot is “Between the Lilies”. I love the serenity it portrays and the colors are wonderful.

  2. Between The Lilies is lovely. It made me think of Monet’s Waterlilies. See

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