Window Abstract


In reviewing some photos this one attracted my attention for its abstract qualities. I love that the two missing glass panes reveal an unfiltered view of the outside world. Even though this is a still image, confined by square shapes I think it conveys movement. Maybe it’s because I was there and can recall the way the summer breeze shifted the abstract pattern beyond the frosted glass. I later thought it was interesting that this has something in common with the previous post in that they are both grid designs. It’s no secret that I like order and frequently, symmetry. I’ve always felt that the art world is big enough to embrace both symmetric and asymmetric compositions!

‘Factory Outlook’ © Denise Bush

8 Responses to “Window Abstract”

  1. 1 Kathleen

    Denise, this is so cool. Love the movement and then it makes you stop once you come to the missing panes!!! Very interesting.

  2. Great image!

  3. Two thumbs up. Love what you captured here.

  4. Love abstracts…. and you are sooo right about the open panes… it gives it a sense of what was. Like it!!!!!

  5. I love stuff like this. Great image. So impressionistic with a little taste of reality in the lower right.

  6. 6 denisebushphoto

    Thank you for looking and leaving comments. Your feedback is always important to me.

  7. Denise, really love this window image!

    • 8 denisebushphoto

      Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know that you like this!

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