Try, Try & Try Again

Back in 2009 I learned about a broken pier somewhere at the Jersey Shore. Not knowing exactly where it was I went searching for it and finally found it by looking at a satellite map online. It is located at Corson’s Inlet, at the southern end of Ocean City and is now a very popular photography subject. My first trip to the pier was to capture sunrise. I was hoping that something magical would happen with the sky & light. Unfortunately, the first few attempts did not play out the way I had hoped. I knew the location had great potential and resolved that I would have to keep trying to get what I was after. Even the tides come into play since the vantage points became restrictive during high tide. I also included a late day and night shoot in my attempts. My most recent, 6th trip has been the best yet and I think I am getting closer to what I was looking for years ago. Here I used a 6-stop neutral density filter to slow down the shutter and soften the clouds and surf. Note that I have added the dates in the title area of each image.

‘Here It Comes’ 09-20-12 © Denise Bush
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‘Sand Reflections’ 09-20-12 © Denise Bush
‘Clouds Over The Broken Pier’ 09-20-12 © Denise Bush
‘Piling Reflections’ 09-20-12 © Denise Bush
‘Moonlight Silhouette’ 08-26-10 © Denise Bush
‘Old Broken Pier’ 05-13-09 © Denise Bush
‘Inlet Pier’ 03-21-09 © Denise Bush
‘Outgoing Surf’ 03-07-09 © Denise Bush
‘Red Sky Morning’ 03-07-09 © Denise Bush

Lonely Silk Mill

Sounding like a travel log, perhaps too I often, I decided to write a haiku that describes how I felt while shooting at an old abandoned silk mill this past summer.  Writing a haiku can be fun because it doesn’t take much of a commitment to come up with one. They are comprised of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables. The final line often reveals a little twist to the first 2 lines. Aside from my group of friends, I felt as if I was in the company of all who had worked and spent so much of their lives at the mill. I’ll let the images tell the rest of the story.

Sad and all alone,
still hear the factory hum,
only ghosts remain.

‘The Office Door’ © Denise Bush
‘Extra Parts’ © Denise Bush
‘Spools No. 1’ © Denise Bush
‘Tag 4-201’ © Denise Bush
‘Outside In’ © Denise Bush
‘Light To Work By’ © Denise Bush
‘Overlooked’ © Denise Bush
‘Phone Booth’ © Denise Bush
‘1957’ © Denise Bush
‘Cargo Elevator’ © Denise Bush
‘Neatly Stacked’ © Denise Bush
‘Spool Collection’ © Denise Bush
‘In Waiting’ © Denise Bush
‘Pressure Gauge & Pipes’ © Denise Bush
‘Factory Remains’ © Denise Bush
‘Rusty Shoes’ © Denise Bush
‘Red Shoes’ © Denise Bush
‘A Place For Storage’ © Denise Bush
‘Items Left Behind’ © Denise Bush
‘Purpose Served’ © Denise Bush
‘As They Left It’ © Denise Bush