This & That

I came home from a recent photography workshop in Cape Cod with quite an assortment of images. The workshop was led by the wonderful John Barclay & Jeff Lovinger and the equally wonderful participants came from Vermont to Virginia. We started out on a rather cloudy Thursday afternoon so instead of wishing for a sunset we headed to an eclectic store in Provincetown (our home base) to get warmed up on a variety of objects. With goods for sale and bazaar items hanging from the rafters, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I switched lenses 3 or more times before settling on my 100mm macro lens to be able to get in nice and close and then I started to have some fun. While the workshop’s main focus was making landscape images we continued finding the smaller things in life that also captured our attention. Presented here is a sort of ‘potpourri’ of images from the trip. Some landscapes are coming soon!

‘8 Wide’ © Denise Bush
‘Sailor’s Buttons’ © Denise Bush
‘Abstract Gloves’ © Denise Bush
‘Out To Dry’ © Denise Bush
‘Found Still-Life’ © Denise Bush
‘Old Door Chain’ © Denise Bush
‘Bulkhead & Nets’ © Denise Bush
‘Marilyn’ © Denise Bush
‘Coffee & Tea’ © Denise Bush
‘Patriotic Close-up’ © Denise Bush
‘Lobster Traps & Floats’ © Denise Bush
‘Stacked Lobster Traps’ © Denise Bush
‘Pilings & Shadows’ © Denise Bush