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I came home from a recent photography workshop in Cape Cod with quite an assortment of images. The workshop was led by the wonderful John Barclay & Jeff Lovinger and the equally wonderful participants came from Vermont to Virginia. We started out on a rather cloudy Thursday afternoon so instead of wishing for a sunset we headed to an eclectic store in Provincetown (our home base) to get warmed up on a variety of objects. With goods for sale and bazaar items hanging from the rafters, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I switched lenses 3 or more times before settling on my 100mm macro lens to be able to get in nice and close and then I started to have some fun. While the workshop’s main focus was making landscape images we continued finding the smaller things in life that also captured our attention. Presented here is a sort of ‘potpourri’ of images from the trip. Some landscapes are coming soon!

‘8 Wide’ © Denise Bush

‘Sailor’s Buttons’ © Denise Bush

‘Abstract Gloves’ © Denise Bush

‘Out To Dry’ © Denise Bush

‘Found Still-Life’ © Denise Bush

‘Old Door Chain’ © Denise Bush

‘Bulkhead & Nets’ © Denise Bush

‘Marilyn’ © Denise Bush

‘Coffee & Tea’ © Denise Bush

‘Patriotic Close-up’ © Denise Bush

‘Lobster Traps & Floats’ © Denise Bush

‘Stacked Lobster Traps’ © Denise Bush

‘Pilings & Shadows’ © Denise Bush

11 Responses to “This & That”

  1. You really did find some interesting things to photograph. I must have been a good trip even without sunrises/sunsets. Enjoyed your photographs.

  2. You did really well Denise. These are some fantastic images. Your talent really shines through. It was so nice having you join our workshop, and seeing you again. You’re welcome back anytime.

  3. 6 Kathleen

    Denise, you have such a great “EYE” for seeing the unusal and interesting objects. Love this series of images!!!

  4. Hi Denise,

    I enjoyed your images. You have proven once again that there is always something to photograph. My fav image is Out to Dry.

    Let’s hope we have better weather this weekend in Chincoteague!

    • Thanks for looking and leaving comments Kathleen & Pat! We had good weather too … stay tuned for some landscape images. I just thought I’d start with these since it’s how the workshop started!

  5. Like “Coffee and Tea” and those cool buttons… love the dof! Love to see what landscapes caught your eye.

  6. Wow, what a fantastic group of images from a store that was overwhelming for sure! Amazing actually. And of course strong images from the other areas as well. Love your vision.

  7. Enjoyed revisiting the store (twas a rainy day in my case) and the area and, of course, your unique visions in each capture. Nice!

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