Chincoteague Trees


While on a recent, South Jersey Camera Club trip to Chincoteague, Virginia one of the highlights for me was photographing before sunrise. The first image below can really be considered a night shot. We certainly had to wake up in the wee hours in order to get to our first location, which was near this family of trees. I was drawn to their silhouettes when it got light enough to make out the shapes. The following two images were shot on our second morning. My friend and I strayed from the group a bit and explored a trail on the other side of the pond, finding our own subjects. It was foggier and the sunrise was less colorful than the day before. I was lucky enough however to catch a fleeting moment of color behind a pond-side tree I had chosen as a subject earlier. I enjoyed the quiet time, walking in the fog while listening to the waking geese that only appeared as foggy silhouettes on the water. I was attracted to the strong silhouette of a tree that was beside a tidal stream and the layering affect the fog created. The fog lasted into the morning and added interest to the scenery that became bathed in warm morning light. Some trips are more fruitful than others and this trip was a successful one for me. Chincoteague sunrise and maybe even a few wild pony images will be included in upcoming posts. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave a comment by clicking the link at the end of this post.

'Before The Dawn'  © Denise Bush

‘Before The Dawn’ © Denise Bush

'Tree At Dawn'  © Denise Bush

‘Tree At Dawn’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

'Along The Banks'  G Denise Bush

‘Along The Banks’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

'Warm Light & A Dead Tree'  © Denise Bush

‘Warm Light & A Dead Tree’ © Denise Bush

14 Responses to “Chincoteague Trees”

  1. Denise these are super!!!! Fog is good!

  2. 2 Beth Jackson

    Fog is a wonderful thing. Great photos my friend!

  3. 3 Terry Wilson

    Wow, these are really beautiful images! I especially like the first two.

  4. 4 Kathleen

    Wonderful images Denise, the Fog just adds more drama!!!!


  6. 6 Cathie

    So serene… the “Tree at Dawn & “Before the Dawn.”

  7. 7 denisebushphoto

    Thanks for looking and leaving your kind comments.

  8. 8 Brent

    Wow … You continue to impress me …..

  9. Love “Along the Banks” and like ’em all.

  10. Wonderful images, Denise. I like how you saw the beauty in what was there and did not limit yourself to ponies. Good job.

  11. Love this set… ‘Along the Banks’ pulls me in but ‘Trees at Dawn’ make me linger 🙂
    I wasn’t sure what this time of year would bring there… glad you had a great time.

    • 12 denisebushphoto

      Thanks again for visiting everyone! I have more sunrise and sunset landscape images to post from the trip — after a little hiatus.

  12. 13 Virginia Rice

    You always capture the essence of an area. Love the fog.

  13. Very nice set of images, Denise. “Along the Banks” is masterful and I love how you fit that unruly tree into a beautiful composition. “Warm Light and a Dead Tree” is well done. This is a place I would have probably just walked by and not seen the photograph. Thanks for helping me open my mind more.

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