The Tenant House

I was out doing errands recently and spotted an old house in the distance that I had never noticed before. I drove a little closer to investigate and saw that it was abandoned and on private property behind a large historic home. I was about to write down the address when the owner drove up and stopped to get her mail. I just had to jump out, introduce myself and ask if I could photograph the building. She graciously agreed, as long as I promised to stay outside, sign a waiver and share a few photos. I went home and investigated the position of the sun with satellite maps before scheduling a late afternoon shoot. The owner said that she failed to see the artistic merit in the old ‘tenant’ house and that it’s scheduled to be torn down in a few months. Walking around the building several times I tried to find every composition possible and shot the inside, from the outside (reluctantly honoring my promise)! Soon the setting sun lit up the ugly, old house from across the big farm field. The ‘golden hour’ seemed warmer than I have ever seen as it beamed through the broken front windows giving the interior a glow. What fun!

'The Tenant House'  © Denise Bush
‘The Tenant House’ © Denise Bush
'End Of Day'  © Denise Bush
‘End Of Day’ © Denise Bush
'Tenant House Sunset'  © Denise Bush
‘Tenant House Sunset’ © Denise Bush
'Looking In'  © Denise Bush
‘Looking In’ © Denise Bush
'Tree Out Back'  © Denise Bush
‘Tree Out Back’ © Denise Bush

2012 Gallery: Images From My Year

You are cordially invited to attend
the opening of my virtual
2012 Gallery at:

The exhibit features 40 favorite images from 2012. Displaying my work this
way has been a 1o year tradition, dating back to my digital beginnings
in 2003. The pages are easy to navigate by clicking on the ‘first/next photo’ link.
Please visit when you have time and feel free to come as you are!

You are invited to the virtual opening of my 2012 Gallery!
You are invited to the virtual opening of my 2012 Gallery!

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