Spring Color & More

My annual ‘Spring Catskills Photographers Weekend & Tour’ went quite well. I was thrilled to see that spring in the Catskills was late and a few weeks behind the fleeting spring colors at home. There were just 4 of us scouting for the weekend tour and we stopped along this meadow. This spot is a favorite of mine because you get a great morning view of some of the higher peaks in the Catskills. The gracious woman who owns the property came out to meet us and gave us permission to photograph. We had always shot it from the road before. It was a wonderful morning and I fell in love with the scene. The tree-stripes on the mountains and the bright spring colors struck me as something special. I sat beneath this tree and took my time to adjust my tripod then compose, expose and focus very carefully. This meant I didn’t have to crop later and made full use of my camera’s capability, offering the best detail and quality. I was taught to always do your best to compose in the camera and recommend it whenever possible. Here is my favorite from our weekend, composed in-camera to avoid sacrificing valuable pixels.

'Spring Green in the Catskills'  © Denise Bush
‘Spring Green in the Catskills’ © Denise Bush

Splendor In The Grass

Here’s a fun technique to try with your macro lens! Get out early in the morning when there is dew on the grass and lay down facing the sun. With an open aperture in the f/2.8 – f/5.6 range, focus on one dew drop and shoot away. If you are hand-holding you’ll want to boost your ISO up to compensate for any shake. Take note of the camera settings in the captions.

'Just One Drop' © Denise Bush 100mm • 1/160 sec. • f/4.5 • ISO 640
‘Just One Drop’ © Denise Bush • 100mm • 1/160 sec. • f/4.5 • ISO 640
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'Morning Dew'  © Denise Bush • 100mm • 1/80 sec. • f/5.6 • ISO 640
‘Morning Dew’ © Denise Bush • 100mm • 1/80 sec. • f/5.6 • ISO 640