Graffiti Gallery


I’ve been going through my photo files from the past year and see there are some images I have overlooked. One collection is from the ‘Coal Piers’ or ‘Graffiti Underground’ in Philadelphia. This is where they used to bring the coal into the city years ago. It has become a playground for graffiti artists, paintball enthusiasts and photographers alike. I enjoyed the location because it was so different from anything I had photographed before. I thought of the graffti on the huge cement pillars as a sort of gallery or tablets, left by an urban civilization.

'Concrete Messages'  © Denise Bush

‘Concrete Messages’ © Denise Bush
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'Room With A View'  © Denise Bush

‘Room With A View’ © Denise Bush

'Graffiti Underground'  © Denise Bush

‘Graffiti Underground’ © Denise Bush

'Urban Tablets'  © Denise Bush

‘Urban Tablets’ © Denise Bush

'Pipe & Pillars'  © Denise Bush

‘Pipe & Pillars’ © Denise Bush

'Cave Paintings'  © Denise Bush

‘Cave Paintings’ © Denise Bush

12 Responses to “Graffiti Gallery”

  1. Love this place… been there 2 times. Refreshing to see snow when the humidity is up in Jersey 🙂
    ‘Room with a View’ is my fav.

    • 2 denisebushphoto

      I know you have been there! I think I found (and used) some of your tripod holes.

  2. And the winner is…… “Room with a View”. Just great!

  3. The receding portals of Graffiti Underground make it my favorite.

    • 6 denisebushphoto

      Thanks Ralph. That image was carefully aligned. (I couldn’t find Mickey’s tripod holes.) 🙂

  4. You’ve made a strangely beautiful set of images presenting this underground art as well composed photographic art. Love these.

    • 8 denisebushphoto

      Thanks Rich. This was a really fun field trip shoot organized by Pat Worley. If you go, don’t go alone!

  5. 9 Terry Wilson

    Graffiti Underground hands down favorite. Besides the geometry, the proportion of graffiti to the bricks and ground works really well.

  6. Great composition and striking subjects!

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