A Trip Back In Time

A second trip to the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum in Lambertville, NJ turned out even more fun than the first. This time I gathered a group of 20 photo friends and made arrangements for the shoot. We had special permission to use our tripods which is key here. Many of the subjects are in low light, slowing down shutter speeds at optimal settings. And, being able to make bracketed exposures on a tripod for high dynamic range (HDR) processing works well for this subject matter. I think that often times and for my taste, HDR processing becomes over-saturated. People seem to like it that way (or not). Here I paid special attention to restore the colors I remembered and for my vision, suited the subject matter best. To do this I added a b&w layer then adjusted the opacity to display just the right amount of color. Have a comment or question? Do you have a favorite? Feel free to leave a few words in the ‘comments’ area at the end of this post!

For images from my first trip and link to the Holcombe-Jimison Museum click here:

'Milk Bottles'  © Denise Bush
‘Milk Bottles’ © Denise Bush
'Dentist Office'  © Denise Bush
‘Dentist Office’ © Denise Bush
'Old Time Remedies'  © Denise Bush
‘Old Time Remedies’ © Denise Bush
'Lantern Assortment'  © Denise Bush
‘Lantern Assortment’ © Denise Bush
'Lantern In The Window'  © Denise Bush
‘Lantern In The Window’ © Denise Bush
'The Spinner's House'  © Denise Bush
‘The Spinner’s House’ © Denise Bush
'Cobbler's Caddy'  © Denise Bush
‘Cobbler’s Caddy’ © Denise Bush
'Military Matters'  © Denise Bush
‘Military Matters’ © Denise Bush
'Desktop Remains'  © Denise Bush
‘Desktop Remains’ © Denise Bush
'Underwood Close-up'  © Denise Bush
‘Underwood Close-up’ © Denise Bush
'Old Organ Close-up'  © Denise Bush
‘Old Organ Close-up’ © Denise Bush
'North Pole Freezer'  © Denise Bush
‘North Pole Freezer’ © Denise Bush
'Open For Business'  © Denise Bush
‘Open For Business’ © Denise Bush

This Is It!

When I go on a photography outing I hope for at least one good picture … one that I can look at and really like. On a recent outing to photograph the Philly skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge at night I shot a lot of different compositions from several different vantage points. Technically several of the shots were successful but was I excited about them? … no. Some twilight shots of the city were interesting but I wasn’t happy with the shape of the clouds on this particular night. I think the more I photograph, the more discriminating I become. I am always trying to create something better or at least something just as good as the favorites that have come before. So, for this shoot ‘this is it’. I could post others but sometimes less is more!

'Panorama At The Bridge'  © Denise Bush
‘Panorama At The Bridge’ © Denise Bush