Adirondack Autumn


Part III – Between Schroon Lake & Lake Placid
Our first full day in the Adirondacks was spent around the Schroon Lake area. We woke before sunrise and just as our B&B host had warned us, it was foggy (before we explained to her that we ‘like’ fog). On this particular morning it was so thick it concealed any hint of color a sunrise might bring to the small beach area we visited. I was thankful for the blue boat on the beach providing a center of interest against the moody fog. At a nearby park and boat landing I searched for something that interested me and found some spider webs with droplets clinging to them. It was quite windy so I boosted my ISO, shutter speed and patience and got some images that are pretty sharp. After a wonderful breakfast back at the B&B, the fog lifted and we were greeted by bright autumn sunlight. We meandered on some roads recommended by our host and made images that were all about bright autumn colors. That night the sunset was a cloudless disappointment so we stayed at our location on the shores of Paradox Lake to watch twilight and the stars appear. I was able to capture some stars before the colors of sunset disappeared.

The next morning we went to the other side of Paradox Lake for sunrise. It was a beautiful spot and we had it all to ourselves. After the sun lifted above the trees it lit the opposing bank in a colorful autumn display. And, of course along our travels stopping at any and all deteriorating buildings was a must. After another wonderful breakfast we headed to our next destination, Lake Placid, where we would stay for the next 3 nights. We stopped at a beautiful waterfall that was right beside the road and got dangerously close to the edge to frame our compositions. Along the way my friend spotted an old barn that was positioned in the perfect setting. It was a popular spot and we took our time to shoot every angle possible! We scouted around the Lake Placid area the rest of the day, rested back at the hotel and after dinner went out for a fun, night photography session!

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'Blue Rowboat'  © Denise Bush

‘Blue Rowboat’ © Denise Bush

'Jeweled Spider Web'  © Denise Bush

‘Jeweled Spider Web’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

'Autumn Pan'  © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Pan’ © Denise Bush

'Autumn Bog'  © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Bog’ © Denise Bush

'Private Lake Clouds'  © Denise Bush

‘Private Lake Clouds’ © Denise Bush

'Star Appearance'  © Denise Bush

‘Star Appearance’ © Denise Bush

'Paradox Lake Sunrise'  © Denise Bush

‘Paradox Lake Sunrise’ © Denise Bush

'Tree Lighting'  © Denise Bush

‘Tree Lighting’ © Denise Bush

'Roadside Relic'  © Denise Bush

‘Roadside Relic’ © Denise Bush

'House On the Corner'  © Denise Bush

‘House On the Corner’ © Denise Bush

'Falls At the Bend'  © Denise Bush

‘Falls At the Bend’ © Denise Bush

'Waterfall At the Bend'  © Denise Bush

‘Split Rock Falls’ © Denise Bush

'Adirondack Barn'  © Denise Bush

‘Adirondack Barn’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

'Milky Way Over the Mountains'  © Denise Bush

‘Milky Way Over the Mountains’ © Denise Bush

'Road To the Stars'  © Denise Bush

‘Road To the Stars’ © Denise Bush

12 Responses to “Adirondack Autumn”

  1. 1 Deb

    Wonderful job as always. I like reliving our adventures through you pic’s and blog story!

  2. Outstanding photos, Denise. You certainly captured the highlights of the day with beautifully processed images. Any photographer who views these images will surely wish he/she had been with you on the Fall Adventure in the Adirondacks.

  3. As usual I have enjoyed reading this posting to your blog. Your photos always make I wish I was with you. I am looking forward to your class next week.

  4. Hey Girl… you sure do get around… in a good way!!!! Hey that pan sure does stand out for me. Paradox Lk and Tree Light were also standouts for me. I love how you seem to just navigate like a bee to honey when looking for old structures. Your take on a place i have driven through makes me step back and re-think my shooting plans next time 🙂 Oh… don’t even get me started on processing… believe me … the editing alone puts me weeks behind… so i feel ya on that one!!!!!

  5. 9 Cathie

    I love the old buildings…especially “House on the Corner.” Great character!

  6. Nice work as always Denise. Your two photographs of the falls have a real Hudson River School feel to them.

    • Thanks Rich. I wonder if the cloudy feel has something to do with a HRS look. It was actually a sunny day with puffy clouds. I would wait until the clouds covered the sun to make the exposures. I really liked this waterfall.

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