Water Attraction


Water Subjects – Part I
Thinking about what types of subjects I am attracted too I would certainly need to include water near the top of my list. I have always loved photographing beside the water whether it’s a stream, lake, waterfall or ocean and I seek out scenes that include water. A moon child, I was born under one of the three waters signs of the zodiac but I don’t think I’m a believer in all of that! I’m sure many other photographers share this fascination with me. Water possesses many symbolic meanings in religion, art, literature and dreams. Some of the most common are: life, purity, cleansing and rebirth. In some cultures water is seen as a symbol of versatility because it can take on many forms. Influenced by the moon, water flows, falls, waves, can be liquid, can freeze or become steam … and creates wonderful photographic subjects! The images here were captured this fall in the Delaware Water Gap.

'Cascade With Autumn Reflections'  © Denise Bush

‘Cascade With Autumn Reflections’ © Denise Bush

'Autumn Highlights'  © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Highlights’ © Denise Bush

'Dingman's Falls'  © Denise Bush

‘Dingman’s Falls’ © Denise Bush
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'Morning Reflection'  © Denise Bush

‘Morning Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'On The Edge'  © Denise Bush

‘On The Edge’ © Denise Bush

Delicate Falls'  © Denise Bush

‘Delicate Falls’ © Denise Bush

'Lower Raymondskill'  © Denise Bush

‘Lower Raymondskill’ © Denise Bush

'Still Reflection'  © Denise Bush

‘Still Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'Pool At Tillman's Ravine'  © Denise Bush

‘Pool At Tillman’s Ravine’ © Denise Bush

34 Responses to “Water Attraction”

  1. I am with you on the attraction of water. Water is mesmerizing as are your images.

  2. 3 Deb

    Yes, you’ve gotta love water! – Excellent pic’s as always.

  3. Water, or at least including it in an image, is the most photographed subject on the universe. The first three images here are just stellar. I’ll bet you have the best shot of Dingman’s Falls ever. Great detail on Autumn Highlights and Cascade with Autumn Reflections was great timing.

    • Thanks for your comments and letting me know which are your favorites. I have to chuckle a bit when you say that water is the most photographed subject in the ‘universe’ … do you think beings on other planets have cameras and like to photograph water too? I wonder if they are Canon or Nikon?

  4. Beautiful, beautiful images. I know most of these places and you honestly and artistically portrayed them. I’d like to tell you my favorite but I’m having a lot of trouble not loving them all equally.

  5. 9 Kathleen

    Oh my Denise these are incredible images and very hard to pick a favorite. OK, Dingman Falls and Morning Reflection speak to me. Love your work Denise!!

  6. Very nice images, and a good theme. Are these from the PA or NJ side of the Gap? I used to drive along the NJ side in winter looking for Bald Eagles and wish I’d spent more time there in other seasons.

    • Thanks Rich. We visited both sides of the river but all of these except for Tillman’s Ravine were on the PA side. It’s a great area and within a 2 hour drive for me.

  7. Love these photos, you have alot of talent and a great eye for taking beautiful photographs!

  8. 15 Vince Rossi

    Back again and as usual totally in awe of your work.

  9. Lots of nice waterfalls in this posting, Denise. Nice work capturing their beauty.

    • Thank you Steve. I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment. I hope you stop back from time to time. I will be visiting your blog again for sure!

  10. We don’t live too far from the Water Gap, I see a photo shoot trip in the future.

    • Thanks for visiting Nicole! I have a friend who owns a resort in Greene County, Catskills. I lead photographers weekends there. If you scroll thru my blog you will see lots of Catskill images. Let me know if you are interested in joining us sometime!

  11. Really great work, Denise. Rich Doerr

  12. Wow – these shots are amazing!

  13. After commenting in another blog about people’s tendency to anthropomorphize, I saw the water in your last photograph first as a bicycle seat (I have a wide one shaped like that on my bike) and then as a brain with a spinal column attached (I have one of each of those, too). In any case, you made good use of your time at the Delaware Water Gap; your photographs make it easy to see why you were attracted to the area.

  14. Uffffff… Impresionantes Fotografías. Sin Duda Unos Paisajes Muy Hermosos. Un Saludo…

  15. Very lush color!! You make good use of long exposures.

  16. awesome man

  17. Splendid shots, Denise 🙂

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