Winter Magic


While I wish fall was a little longer and winter a little shorter, I do appreciate living in a place that experiences all four seasons. I always look forward to the treasures each season brings. In winter abandoned places seem even more lonely, especially when standing in cold contrast to fresh white snow. Bare trees, snow and ice make wonderful photography subjects that I intend to make full use of this winter. Below are my first winter subjects of the year … but I’m just getting started!

Best wishes to all for a magical winter and wonderful new year.

Old Farmstead In Winter

‘Old Farmstead In Winter’ © Denise Bush

Winter Shack

‘Winter Shack’ © Denise Bush

Winter Bog

‘Winter Bog’ © Denise Bush

Reflections On Ice

‘Reflections On Ice’ © Denise Bush

29 Responses to “Winter Magic”

  1. 1 Kathleen

    Wonderful Winter scenes Denise. Winter is my least favorite time of the year but I just returned from Vermont which is so beautiful in the snow. All of your images are magical.

    • Thanks for looking Kathleen. I would guess you are not alone with winter being your least favorite. I would have to say summer is my least favorite … bugs and heat … yuck!

  2. lovely images, I do miss the snow!

  3. Certainly these shots convey the magic of winter – if only winter weren’t so bloody cold ‘:-)

    • Thanks for chiming in Robert! I was born in Buffalo so the cold doesn’t bother me as much as other folks!

      • Interesting…I was born in Chautauqua County – just south west of Buffalo – I went to College in Rochester and then moved to Connecticut – Even with all that cold “experience” I still cannot get in harmony with winter’s chill. I’ll still go out to shoot, but I’m not happy about it ‘:-)

  4. Beautiful work, Denise!

  5. 11 Deb

    Just beautiful! – love them all. I like how the water reflection breaks up in the water on the last and the first two, what’s not to love!

  6. These images are beautiful and haunting in a really good way!

  7. Here, here… for 4 seasons…. can’t bring myself to live in a place that does not experience them!!! “Winter Bog” has stayed with me from the moment I received your e-card…. what a well exposed and crafted shot… kudos. I went out Sat to shoot ice patterns…. I was wondering why I was peeling off layers… 51 degrees, duhhhh. Like you said “just getting started”

  8. The lovely colours, the excellent composition and the magical mood make me feel as if I were there.

  9. They make me shiver. Particularly like Old Farmstead.

  10. Wonderful images. I just love that winter shack! And the winter bog is stunning!

  11. stunning photos – especially love the ‘reflections on ice’ picture, it’s just like a mirror

  12. These are absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking, in fact.

  13. Winter Shack is my favorite, wall worthy! Really nice. But I enjoyed the whole post. All the images are great.

  14. Stark and beautiful and desolate – the very qualities of winter captured!

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