A Nice Surprise At Sunset

The day following our last big snow storm I ventured out for a second time, to see if I could capture a sunset shot with snow. It was windy and very cold but I dressed for the weather determined that a ‘try, try again’ approach would eventually pay off! I had a place and composition in mind that would include the western sky, after the sun had disappeared. As so often happens however, the sky was less than wonderful. On this night disappointment was quickly forgotten when I looked south and found a nice surprise in a scene that I liked even better!

To The Left Of The Sun
‘To The Left Of The Sun’ © Denise Bush
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Light in The Pinelands

I ventured out in the snow-covered ‘Pines’ this morning … after a little digging out. I just love what snow does to the landscape … its so different and exhilarating! Winter has become one of my favorite times of the year to photograph. With the sun lower to the horizon in winter we have extended periods of side-lighting. And I will tell you, I don’t miss the gnats, mosquitoes, deer flies, ticks or chiggers either! In the winter its more common to have a spot all to myself. This morning I headed down a road I know well and found some nice light at a place I’ve stopped at many times before. The way the morning light was hitting the trees at the end of the now frozen stream caught my attention. Mother Nature did all the work and I was just lucky enough to be there with my camera.

Winter Sun On Trees
‘Winter Sun On Trees’ © Denise Bush
Prints For Sale at Fine Art America (link top right)

Hunting For Bubbles

I’ve been hunting for a place where I could use my 6-stop ND filter to capture bubbles in motion and finally found a suitable place while scouting today. Bubbles are a natural occurrence found in Southern New Jersey Pineland’s streams. Prior attempts had been fun practice but the scenes were not quite what I had hoped. Today, I think I got closer to what I have been looking for. The bubbles here were being stirred up by a tiny dam just left of the frame. By using the filter I lengthened the shutter speed to 8 seconds which was long enough to record the swirling blur. I’ll surely be hunting for more bubbles to capture … this was fun!

Swirling Bubbles
‘Swirling Bubbles’ © Denise Bush

2013 Gallery: Images From My Year

You are cordially invited to attend
the opening of my virtual
2013 Gallery at:


The exhibit features 49 favorite images from 2013. Displaying my work this
way has been an 11 year tradition, dating back to my digital beginnings
in 2003. The pages are easy to navigate by clicking on the ‘first/next photo’ link.
Please visit when you have time and feel free to come as you are!

Denise Bush Photograpy - 2013 Gallery
Denise Bush Photography – 2013 Gallery

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