Hunting For Bubbles


I’ve been hunting for a place where I could use my 6-stop ND filter to capture bubbles in motion and finally found a suitable place while scouting today. Bubbles are a natural occurrence found in Southern New Jersey Pineland’s streams. Prior attempts had been fun practice but the scenes were not quite what I had hoped. Today, I think I got closer to what I have been looking for. The bubbles here were being stirred up by a tiny dam just left of the frame. By using the filter I lengthened the shutter speed to 8 seconds which was long enough to record the swirling blur. I’ll surely be hunting for more bubbles to capture … this was fun!

Swirling Bubbles

‘Swirling Bubbles’ © Denise Bush

26 Responses to “Hunting For Bubbles”

  1. That’s something else….! love it!

  2. I love the blue and white abstract feel to the water. Beautiful.

  3. I love the flow of this image but am particularly enjoying how the foreground is more of an abstraction but the background is a straight up landscape. It’s very beautiful.

  4. 7 Bob Damato

    Nice, I love abstracts! I’ll give u a 9

  5. I never knew that, and I grew up in the Pinelands region.

  6. Nice capture. As I scrolled down on the image, I was more impressed by the lower half of the image. Intriguing abstract. Either way, nice work. What was f stop? I assume you shot at ISO 100. Rich

    • Thanks Rich. f/16, 8 sec, ISO 200 like the post said, I used a -6 stop ND filter. You need to take a few examine and adjust the exposure to get the amount of blur you are looking for. I probably needed it to be a bit faster and didn’t want to sacrifice depth of field so I boosted the ISO up to 200.

  7. Living in the tropics your photos are a welcome respite from the humidity. I envy your icy wonderland that you and your camera have captured. My compliments, look forward to following your words through the snow.

    • Thank you Michael. And, when I’m yearning for summer I’ll come visit your blog … all the way on the other side of the earth. Isn’t technology great?

  8. 18 Terry Wilson

    Those black filters are a lot of fun. Like the spiraling water.

  9. 22 lensaddiction

    Hi Denise, you kindly commented on my blog so I thought I would visit yours. LOVE this photo, I have a variable ND filter I use for shooting waterfalls but never thought of using it like this so thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  10. 25 Vickie

    I really love this

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