Weekly Challenge: Abandoned

Fifth Time In The Pen
Photo trip number five to Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary Museum was during a special offer for photographers, in the hours pre and post twilight. I searched for subjects that I had not photographed before and found a few to my liking. First I looked outside while there was still some light and found some architectural elements from 1903 that were now weathered and worn and hiding secrets within. In one cell there were some puzzling bowls… some look like toilets and others more like planters. A mysterious red glow emanated from a left-behind box and I captured the glow that only I could see. I found a desk, bathed in warm desk-lamp light while the cool tones of twilight streamed in from above. As I walked around alone looking and thinking about those who had spent time there, I sensed the presence of lingering spirits.

Let There Be Light
‘Let There Be Light’ © Denise Bush
Built In 1903
‘Built In 1903’ © Denise Bush
Room With Bowls
‘Room With Bowls’ © Denise Bush
Red Glow
‘Red Glow’ © Denise Bush

Granny’s House

On my way home from a photography outing, I stopped at a place I had been eyeing for years. Maybe I was waiting for time to make it just right. On close inspection I saw some details that I liked. A colorful, granny square afghan hung in one window and lace curtains in others. The peeling paint and old styling called to me to photograph the rich textures years had left behind. Lonely, the old house told me a story of its last resident while I listened and recorded it with my camera.

Granny Squares
‘Granny Squares’  © Denise Bush
Lace Curtains
‘Lace Curtains’  © Denise Bush
She Liked Lace Curtains
‘She Liked Lace Curtains’ © Denise Bush
Granny's House
‘Granny’s House’ © Denise Bush
Granny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
‘Granny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ © Denise Bush