Granny’s House


On my way home from a photography outing, I stopped at a place I had been eyeing for years. Maybe I was waiting for time to make it just right. On close inspection I saw some details that I liked. A colorful, granny square afghan hung in one window and lace curtains in others. The peeling paint and old styling called to me to photograph the rich textures years had left behind. Lonely, the old house told me a story of its last resident while I listened and recorded it with my camera.

Granny Squares

‘Granny Squares’  © Denise Bush

Lace Curtains

‘Lace Curtains’  © Denise Bush

She Liked Lace Curtains

‘She Liked Lace Curtains’ © Denise Bush

Granny's House

‘Granny’s House’ © Denise Bush

Granny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

‘Granny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ © Denise Bush

32 Responses to “Granny’s House”

  1. 1 Cathie

    Love “Lace Curtains.” Who would think pealing paint could be so expressive? It makes such a great texture. Love it…

  2. 3 Deb

    Love the granny square window! Great job. I can’t believe you waited that long to stop!

  3. 5 Deb

    How do you think the granny square window would look if you kept the blanket in color and the rest in B& W?

    • I thought about doing that and think it would work very easily and well with this. I wondered if it might seem ‘gimicky’ so I decided to leave it straight.

  4. Nicely photographed and a wonderful subject. You have great eye for finding interesting things that others would simply pass by.

  5. Terrific images. I love the afghan in the window. These old places are a treasure trove of character. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂 🙂

  6. Way cool run down house!

    • Thanks for coming to look Terry. At first I didn’t think it was much but when I found what was hanging in the windows and the round shingles too, I started having fun!

  7. Really nice images, and a very nice writeup.

    Evocative: “the rich textures years had left behind” and “Lonely, the old house told me a story of its last resident.”

    I’m also surprised the quilt hadn’t been “borrowed.”

  8. Beautiful images…

  9. Nice series of shots – I like shooting windows and to find so many variations on a theme in a single location is fantastic. Good find!

  10. Nice series. I really love the first one. Great!

  11. Wonderful photos! I love the texture of the peeling paint and the window “treatments”!

    • Thank you Patricia! I’m discovering that I respond to images (mine or others) that have some sort of duality to them … whether it is the ideas or subjects themselves, or even a play on contrasting color or light.

  12. Nice juxtaposition of ideas here. You said it in your commentary. The hard effects of nature on the outside and a soft human touch on the inside.

  13. 27 pamela larue

    Great shots of the windows with the granny square afgan and lace curtains! You have an eye for detail, searching the human element that most do not see…

  14. Very nice images, especially the ones in colour!

  15. Love it. Really like the prison pics too.

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