Weekly Challenge: Abandoned


Fifth Time In The Pen
Photo trip number five to Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary Museum was during a special offer for photographers, in the hours pre and post twilight. I searched for subjects that I had not photographed before and found a few to my liking. First I looked outside while there was still some light and found some architectural elements from 1903 that were now weathered and worn and hiding secrets within. In one cell there were some puzzling bowls… some look like toilets and others more like planters. A mysterious red glow emanated from a left-behind box and I captured the glow that only I could see. I found a desk, bathed in warm desk-lamp light while the cool tones of twilight streamed in from above. As I walked around alone looking and thinking about those who had spent time there, I sensed the presence of lingering spirits.

Let There Be Light

‘Let There Be Light’ © Denise Bush

Built In 1903

‘Built In 1903’ © Denise Bush

Room With Bowls

‘Room With Bowls’ © Denise Bush

Red Glow

‘Red Glow’ © Denise Bush

23 Responses to “Weekly Challenge: Abandoned”

  1. Wonderful visual playground. I can see you had fun. I would love to do a fashion shoot in such a locality. Thank you for sharing

  2. Beautiful shots – I have wanted to visit this location for some time – next time they advertise a photographers tour – let me know.

  3. 5 Meho

    Oh wow! Super set Denise! Awesome!

  4. I was at the pen the other day. Loved it! But, I wish that I could have been there with less tourists. It has such amazing energy and I felt a little sad that there so many people running around.

    • Don’t feel too bad Jennifer. The people that spent time there were not the nicest of people. (Hope the spirits don’t get mad at me for saying that.)

      • Haaa that’s a very good point 😀 And I hope not either! Love your photography, by the way. Have a great day!

  5. 10 Ken Henriques Jr.

    Always loved this place for photography. Photographers delight.

  6. I visited there back in 2008 and took tons of pictures. It was a really neat place. When I was going through the pictures, one looks as though there is a spirit present…

  7. I love the rustic doors! Wonderful photos!

    • Thank you! I brought the blue out in the doors to provide more contrast. Wasn’t sure if the image was anything others would appreciate so I am glad you like it!

  8. Great set of photographs as usual. This is a well photographed place but you seem to keep it fresh by finding new perspectives. I love how you are focusing on the color plays. The first image is absolutely wonderful in that regard.

    • Thank you Rich! ESP seems to be a good place to capture images that have both warm & cool light. I liked a few of my pics that had captured this in the past and am now more aware of it.

  9. 19 Bob D

    Very moving in a subtle, eerie way. I’ve always been attracted to places such as this and abandoned structures in gen. I visited ESP 2X once about 18 yrs ago & again some years after; the pics are B/W film and Kodacromes. Would be interested in revisiting.

  10. 21 ~AB

    The first would be a great place to write a essay on the value of light. Some great images.

  11. Amazing, highly professional images as usual! Your representation of the subject matter is never ordinary. “You can make mud look beautiful.”

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