Goodbye to Winter!


Farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios, bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara, bon voyage, cheers, and toodle-oo … Old Man Winter!

I have to say, I like winter more than most people it seems … but I am very happy that spring is finally here. It started snowing here (in southern New Jersey) in October and our last storm was just last week on March 24. That’s 5 months of snow! And, temperatures were especially cold too. I am feeling ready to move on yet thankful for the opportunities to photograph snow and ice. To see what came of my winter outings simply click on ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top and begin scrolling.

What do you think of the 2 compositions below? Horizontal or vertical? Centered or formula of thirds? I photographed this tree I had been admiring for some time from my car, during a blizzard. I was able to stay dry by using my tripod on the passenger seat with one leg extended to the floor. The driving snow is a little more apparent on larger versions. For me they have the look of an etching or lithograph.

Tree In Blizzard I

‘Tree In Blizzard I’ © Denise Bush

Tree In Blizzard II

‘Tree In Blizzard II’ © Denise Bush

51 Responses to “Goodbye to Winter!”

  1. 1 Crash MacDuff

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  2. I recently had a similar experience and post so can relate to your interest in photographing this type of landscape.. I find the horizontal landscape orientation to be most appealing because it seems to enhance the overall beauty, mood and balance of the scene.

  3. For me this particular subject works with either orientation, although I would have probably gone with a portrait with the tree on the third on the right.

    It might also work with only half the tree at the edge of the photo. But, that’s just me.

  4. Hi Denise 😀 I prefer the second photo as it makes the tree have a more powerful look. Ralph ❤

    • Thank you for coming to have a look and leaving your comment! It’s fun to hear everyone’s opinion! I am not sure which I like better which is why I posed the question.

  5. 11 Pia

    Initially I liked the horisontal better, but they both have their advantages. The size and “loneliness” of the tree seems more apparent when you can see some of the landscape, but I like the graphical effect up close.

  6. Horizontal. Mostly because the treeline in the distance creates a fine counterpoint.

    • The presence of a counterpoint in the horizontal version occurred to me too. I always think of you when I hear ‘counterpoint’ because you are so good at pointing them out! Thanks Terry!

  7. Reblogged this on Night Owl Poetry and commented:
    Yes, I agree! The snow’s finally starting to melt over here.

  8. For me, I prefer the horizontal shot because it has less foreground and gives more a sense of the tree being the only thing out there – cold and lonely = winter.

  9. 19 deb

    Hey Denise, I like both very much, but I am drawn to the horizontal one myself.

    • Thanks Deb. I’m glad you like them. I was a little hesitant with them because of the shooting conditions and the way that I processed them make them a little different than my norm. I like the isolation affect the blizzard created.

  10. They both tell a different story. The horizontal image speaks louder to me.
    ~ Tamara

  11. Both are wonderful, I prefer the portrait version. 🙂

  12. 25 davidcollinsfoto

    Originally the first image appealed most with the misty trees in the background giving it a sense of depth. However the textures from the grass in the foreground in the second image lead the eye into the tree. Ended up preferring the second but I find both appealing. David

  13. Do not have any constructive criticism. Seems you have already received a plenty. lol Both are beautiful. 🙂
    Saying my goodbyes to winter with a smile.

  14. I always find it interesting to get a weather perspective that is diametrically opposite to my own. Living in the tropics with humid heat, torrential rain and a zillion mosquitos makes your winter takes look so inviting. I also envy your marked seasonal colors. Photography in a refrigerator must be tough at times but your winter landscapes look so wonderfully inviting that I’m sure that any discomfort is soon forgotten once you begin to play with your winter pixels. Thank you for sharing.

    • I guess we all like change. In the beginning of the winter I was blogging about how much I love photographing in the winter … no bugs, heat, or as many people out. When summer comes around I will probably be longing for winter.

  15. I like them both but the horizontal composition is my favorite, especially with that little clump of trees in the distance.

  16. I vote horizontal. It is a much more interesting composition. And, as I watch yet more snow fall out my window today, I am with you on wanting winter to hurry up and make its departure.

  17. Beautiful pictures. By the way, lucky you that had winter, winter never came to Barcelona this year!

    • Thank you very much. I do feel lucky to live in a place that experiences all seasons … just wish they were a little more equal in length.

  18. These are both very nice. My personal preference would be for the first one.

  19. Horizontal is my choice. I am new to photography but one third to the left and two thirds to the right looks like a better composition. Notwithstanding, both shots are beautiful.

  20. I like the first one, the horizontal, much better.

  21. They are both beautiful. I prefer the vertical composition, I think the tree stands out better.

  22. 46 graemeu

    Rich (33) nailed it: the horizontal view gives the tree a context which in this case complements the tree. As for plonking it dead centre and full frame, the rule of 3’s /rule of 9’s is just a guide. With strong images, breaking the rules works too.

    • Thanks for your visit and comment. I agree with what you are saying which is why I call the ‘Rule of Thirds’ the ‘Formula of Thirds’ in my teaching! Centered images can offer a feeling of balance and tranquility when desired.

  23. They’re both lovely images. In the horizontal composition I like the faint detail of the trees in the distance adding a sense of depth. In the vertical I like the tree looming large in the frame.

  24. Our winter is about to start 2 months early down here too. We’ve been told to expect snow in my town this weekend already. If that eventuates I will haunt you with photos of winter down under 🙂

    • Thank you for checking out my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I hope your winter is not as cold as ours was.

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