Passage Into Spring


Taking a trip to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA for my first flower captures of the season, is a fun yearly ritual. This year, accompanied by 3 friends, our goal was to capture the beautiful blue, Himalayan Poppies. Their stay is always short-lived and we were lucky to find the last remaining few. So, in my desire to move things along (and in contrast to my previous post) here is my first spring image.

Poppy Fireworks

‘Poppy Fireworks’ © Denise Bush

28 Responses to “Passage Into Spring”

  1. 1 Deb


  2. You get 2 beautifuls from me too.

  3. 5 MikeP

    The title says it all 🙂

  4. I have shot at Longwood – an absolute beauty of a place.

  5. Beautiful image, I really like the blue and purple in the petals and the contrasting yellow in the pistol and stamen.

  6. 11 Russ Hunt

    Looking good Denise

  7. 13 Kathleen

    Beautiful Denise. I am in Florida and it sure is Spring here!!

  8. Congratulations for finding spring out there, finally!

  9. Nice details. Love it.

    • Thanks Lijie Zhou! I tried focus stacking for the first time. The pistol on this flower sticks out really far. This is only 3 frames with different focus points. From doing this I learned that more frames would have worked better.

  10. Wow, it does look like fireworks, so beautiful.

  11. 21 P&B

    Beautiful. I’ve never seen an actual Himalayan poppy, but love its color at the first sight in one of my garden books. I’ve been trying to grow it but have failed. I have no problem growing other variety of Oriental poppies though.

    • Thanks! They really like sunny but cool weather. As soon as there is warm weather at Longwood Gardens where I shot this, they wilt and the gardening crews remove them. The colors varied from purplish blue to pale blue. I will have a few more shots in an upcoming post.

  12. This is stunning

  13. Magnificent!

  14. Beautiful work!

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