MACRO Magic!


On a recent trip to photograph some old farms, some branches caught my eye. I was attracted to the way rain drops clinged to them … all in a row. So, after shooting the buildings for a while I decided to attach my 100mm macro lens and play with the branches before they dried. Facing the sun provided a result that surprised me. Like magic, each droplet displayed its own little starburst against a pleasing bokeh background. I was glad I decided to take a break shooting what I thought I had come for, and it reminded me to always look beyond my expectations.

I will be co-presenting a fun, hands-on workshop, MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY & The Natural World. The workshop will be held in Vincentown, NJ on June 21 and there will be a field workshop to photograph wildflowers on the 22nd. For details go to

'Backlit Droplets'  © Denise Bush  (click to see larger)

‘Back-lit Droplets’ © Denise Bush (click to see larger)

22 Responses to “MACRO Magic!”

  1. LOVEEE this!

  2. Fantastic! Bravo!

  3. very nice – like the backlighting on this and the little sparkle from each droplet.

    • Thank you Robert. (I’m a little dismayed at the moment as to why the image doesn’t look sharp thru the wordpress reader?)

      • On mine it looks pretty good – but I never worry too much about sharpness or light/dark as everyone has a different monitor setup. I focus (no pun intended) of the image framing and subject along with those other elements that separate a photograph from a snap shot.

  4. Inspiration for the Macro workshop for sure. I will be hoping for a little sun and searching for water droplets.

  5. 10 Rich Proctor

    I love the little twinkles of light in each drop. Brilliant!

  6. An image that brightens the day! Really beautiful with all that sparkling 🙂

  7. Really really nice image, Denise. I love how the bokeh in the background mimics the drops.

    • Thanks Rich. One of the things I love (and strive for) with macro is a good bokeh background. Sometimes the backgrounds are my favorite thing about a close-up.

  8. Wonderful image.

  9. 18 MikeP

    beautiful background and the stars add a nice touch… great teaser for the “WS” 🙂

  10. So very pretty!

  11. 22 davidcollinsfoto

    Hi Denise. Like this, of course. I can’t quite make it out but captured in each droplet is a view of the world around you when the image was captured. Raises an idea of an interesting macro shoot where the droplets become a set of frames with the attention on the work revealed inside them. Hope the workshop goes well. David

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