Shades Of Green


You just have to love the brilliant greens of spring … too bad they are so short-lived. Going north to the Catskills in the spring helps to extend the bright colors for me. There, spring is usually 2 weeks behind the warming and progression at home. Everything seemed especially green this year … maybe it was all the rain or maybe we hit it just right. And yes, it really was that green!

Spring Greens

‘Spring Greens’ © Denise Bush

Artist's View

‘Artist’s View’ © Denise Bush

Dandelion Portrait

‘Dandelion Portrait’ © Denise Bush

Orchard Below

‘Orchard Below’ © Denise Bush

Clouds Over The Clove

‘Clouds Over The Clove’ © Denise Bush

Trees In A Field

‘Trees In A Field’ © Denise Bush

24 Responses to “Shades Of Green”

  1. 1 west517

    Beautiful photos!!

  2. Lovely photos, especially like the dandelion, beautiful.

    • Glad you like it. They were difficult to photograph because there were so many, making isolation difficult. Plus, it was really windy. I toned down the out of focus background dandelions so the subject would pop.

      • Seem to have the same problem, zoom in on the flower and then suddenly the wind picks up! You’ve done a great job, the dandelion really stands out.

  3. I love that last one and how the trees recede. Too bad you don’t live there – I think that vantage point would make for a great 4 season set.

    • Thanks Terry. You missed a good trip. Beth and I found this and drove out to it in the field. I photographed it from all angles and there was a little pond too. It would be a good one to do a seasonal series!

  4. 9 deb

    LOVE the “Orchard Below” and “Trees In a Field”! Well done!

    • I’m glad to hear you say you like ‘Orchard Below’. I wasn’t sure about it but liked the pattern and repetition. ‘Trees In A Field’ was a shot Beth and I found on the way up.

  5. 11 DOREEN Rutherford

    Love all the photos, but my favorite is the ‘Clouds Over The Clove’

    • Thanks Doreen! It was so much fun to have you along! I shot ‘Clouds Over The Clove’ right before we met Chuck, the horse!

  6. 13 Russ Hunt

    Very nice work

  7. Excellent series, I love it !!

  8. All simply beautiful

  9. Beautiful set. I particularly like the first one because ti reminds me so much of hiking in the area and the view you often get from the top or near the top of a mountain where you can study the lay of the land. It also shows how you can make a great photograph in direct sun on a hazy day. Good stuff.

    • Thanks Rich. I suppose there was some moisture in the air. It had rained really hard the day before. It was shot fairly early in the morning. The wider view of the same scene is just below it. It is where one of the Husdon River School painters got inspiration for a painting. (I can’t remember which one.)

  10. Nice Work. They provide wonderful inspiration for our next category, “Shades of Green.” Thanks

  11. Fabulous group of photos, Denise. I like the Orchard Below shot because I walked past you as you were composing it. Assuming this was next to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Good eye.

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