Places Close To Home


Here are some random images, all shot within an hour or so of my home in Southern New Jersey. We are situated between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in a region know as the Pinelands, a dense oak and pine forest known for its diverse flora and fauna. Living here has its own advantages … photographically speaking and I enjoy capturing the local scenery. The forest has many sand roads that lead to ponds, streams and bogs worth photographing. Rural scenes and Americana interest me so I also enjoy the surrounding farmland, known for it’s Jersey corn, tomatoes, blueberries and cranberries. Another plus is that we have the Jersey Shore nearby where areas on the bay and the surf coming in along the ocean offer even more possibilities. Representing the Pinelands, rural scenes and even the coast, here are some photos from places close to my home.

Long Barn

‘Long Barn’ © Denise Bush

'Rural Relics'  © Denise Bush

‘Rural Relics’ © Denise Bush

Distant Reflection

‘Distant Reflection’ © Denise Bush

Old Indian Mills House

‘Old Indian Mills House’ © Denise Bush

Thru The Trees

‘Thru The Trees’ © Denise Bush

Swamp Maples in Spring

‘Swamp Maples in Spring’ © Denise Bush

Three Trees With Birds

‘Three Trees With Birds’ © Denise Bush

'Sea Captain's House'  © Denise Bush

‘Sea Captain’s House’ © Denise Bush

Research Station Sunset

‘Research Station Sunset’ © Denise Bush


26 Responses to “Places Close To Home”

  1. Proving that you need not travel far to get great images. Very nice!

  2. 3 mvobsession

    Beautiful. I particularly like the last three. Ever travel to northern NJ ?

  3. Three Trees With Birds is fantastic! You are always able to capitalize on a scene, and this looks like one that had you scouting around for just the right vantage point before the birds left.

  4. 7 Manal

    Great set of photographs especially Distant Reflection!

  5. Great images. Does anyone live in the Seacaptain’s House?

    • Thank you. No one was living in that house but it had a ‘for sale’ sign. My original title was, ‘Inhabitants Wanted’. It was near the coast so I titled it using my imagination. I don’t really know that a Sea Captain ever lived there!

  6. 11 bigbird34

    Beautiful pictures! I love finding the beauty of what is right around you.

    • Finding subjects close to home has a lot of advantages … you can be there or go back during different seasons and when the light is right for one thing. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment.

  7. 13 Kathleen

    Awesome images Denise!!

  8. Wonderful images, Denise. Very well done.

    You are lucky in having so many places down in the pineys to photograph.

    • Thank you Ken. We don’t have any bears yet though there have been some sightings in nearby towns. You are welcome to come shoot in the Pines any time!

  9. Nice. The Sea Captain’s House is neat. I like the Long Barn as well. Lots of fun lines for your eye to travel.

  10. These images are lovely! I never knew NJ was so beautiful! I have a friend that lives north of you. We’ve talked about me going to visit often. I should visit and we do a road trip. 🙂 I love the reflections and red leaves on the trees.
    We don’t have as many red trees in the fall here in CA. I wish we did!

    Like you I love to travel, but can’t afford to go everywhere I want to, so I travel within my state, and area a good bit too.

    Thank you so much for the visit and lovely comment!

    • Thank you for taking the time to come take a look and comment. Actually the Red Maples are from this past spring! The leaves come out red and then turn green.

  11. Very nice work, Denise. Artistic, as well. I especially like the last, the sunset view.

  12. Lovely work as usual. I liked Old Indian Mills as framed by the trees and balanced by the shed on the left. Thru the Trees has that nice warm (another sunset) feeling, and The Research Station is dramatic against the sunset.

  13. 25 snaps22

    I like the trees in the water and reflected through it. Do you know what type of tree they are?

    I also like the old buildings and wonder what’s inside. Is it possible to go inside and take photos?

    • Hi Jean. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a note. To answer your questions … I believe the trees in the water are cedar trees. The buildings in this post were closed up. If I could have gone in I certainly would have.

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