Worn & Weathered


The worn, weathered and abandoned are among my favorite and most blogged about subjects … as many of you know. These subjects have always held a deep fascination for me as I imagine their past. Speaking about a way of life our ancestors knew, they hold a special charm as they gracefully age. And photographing them is a way of recording their existence before they return to mother earth. Below are a selection from random trips made earlier this year.

'Old Time Garage'  © Denise Bush

‘Old Time Garage’ © Denise Bush
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'Coop & Crib'  © Denise Bush

‘Coop & Crib’ © Denise Bush

'Ice Box & Washer'  © Denise Bush

‘Ice Box & Washer’ © Denise Bush

'Abandoned Still-life'  © Denise Bush

‘Abandoned Still-life’ © Denise Bush

'Attic Residents'  © Denise Bush

‘Attic Residents’ © Denise Bush

'Cold Springs Classic'  © Denise Bush

‘Cold Springs Classic’ © Denise Bush

'Barn Along The Way'  © Denise Bush

‘Barn Along The Way’ © Denise Bush

'Grand Remains'  © Denise Bush

‘Grand Remains’ © Denise Bush

'Hillbilly Shack'  © Denise Bush

‘Hillbilly Shack’ © Denise Bush

'Workbench'  © Denise Bush

‘Workbench’ © Denise Bush

50 Responses to “Worn & Weathered”

  1. 1 deb

    These are marvelous Denise, you and I share a love for these old things!

  2. Wonderful images, Denise!

  3. Beautiful description of why you shoot these “charming places”. The photos are equally beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you might find next (and hope I am with you).

  4. 7 Mary Fenton


  5. Denise, these are absolutely beautiful in their decay! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Great work. Looling forward to meeting up with you in August.

  7. 13 mvobsession

    A story behind each picture, the imagination runs wild. I like all of the photos but my favorite is the chair and window.
    I love your blog.

  8. I know some of these places… love your take on a place and how you see and create with your own vision. Can’t what until our Aug shoot so I can photo-bomb your comps…. big smile 🙂

  9. Where is the mucho like button? Excellent images!! Bravo!

  10. Wow!! Wonderful series.
    Well done Denise.
    All the best.

  11. Great series of images. Excellent work. Thanks!

  12. I love your photos as always!!

  13. We have a number of abandoned villages near us. I think you’d have a field day. They are fantastic for photography.

  14. Your fantastic images are a real nice “deja vu”, since several of these images that you captured so well evolved from some great field trips that I participated in this past year. Thanks for the memories. I concur it is a nice way to reminisce about the past.

    • Thanks Larry. I went back to look and these are from 2 separate trips and we shared one, which is where most of the images came from.

  15. Wonderful images, Denise. Very evocative.

  16. Nice work. Especially fun since most are now familiar scenes. I missed the piano. Like the juxtapositioning of lines in Attic Residents.

  17. 33 Emilio Pasquale

    And I couldn’t have said it better. Or photographed it better. We definitely share an affinity for subject matter.

  18. 35 Russ Hunt

    Beautiful work Denise.

  19. 37 Linda

    Love, love, LOVE them all!

  20. Beautiful!

  21. I’ve seen many abandoned pianos, but none in as good a shape as the one above. It seems the vandals/kids around here go straight for them, for some reason. Nice shots, garage especially!

  22. As always, I am enthralled with your digital vision. These images not only preserve a bit of history (as all photography does), but also gives us an intimate and stolen glimpse into the lives of others which we would not otherwise experience. Keep going Denise!

  23. It’s interesting to see your take on the places I’ve been to. Your images are always different and show your talent for putting together a scene. I will say we shared almost the exact vision on the old gas pump, although you got that nice sprig of spring buds that wasn’t around a few weeks before.

    • Funny you should mention the gas pump composition. I was throwing away old prints a couple of days ago and found that I had done that exact composition years before. The difference in that first image was that the cover was still on the pump and there was snow on the ground. When I shot the photo this time I didn’t remember I had done it that way before. I guess when you are drawn to something your perspective doesn’t change. I think the forsythia and its shape really added a little something.

  24. thanks for liking my post Denise! 🙂
    your photos are fab!


  25. Great shots – I’ll have to check it out – perhaps in the fall.

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