Iceland I


There is a lot going on right now and processing images from my September 20-30 trip to Iceland has been a bit slow. A little over-whelming, I just didn’t know where to start. Perhaps I needed to let them marinate a little! I couldn’t decide on how I wanted to present them … by day or by themes? Neither felt right so I’ve decided to simply present them as I process them … skipping around from place to place. That was much the way in which seven photographer friends and I experienced Iceland. We never knew what we’d find around the next corner. There were waterfalls everywhere, frequent rainbows, mountains that touch the sea, icebergs, black sand beaches, quaint red roofed buildings and churches, and much more!  Raw and wonderful … I fell in love with Iceland and do wish I could have stayed longer.

'Sheep Grazing at Skogafoss'  © Denise Bush

‘Sheep Grazing at Skogafoss’ © Denise Bush
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'Mountainside Rainbow'  © Denise Bush

‘Mountainside Rainbow’ © Denise Bush

'Low Clouds'  © Denise Bush

‘Low Clouds’ © Denise Bush

'Falling Rocks'  © Denise Bush

‘Falling Rocks’ © Denise Bush
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'Morning By the Sea'  © Denise Bush

‘Morning By the Sea’ © Denise Bush

'Icebergs At Sunrise'  © Denise Bush

‘Icebergs At Sunrise’ © Denise Bush
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'Field Of Lava'  © Denise Bush

‘Field Of Lava’ © Denise Bush

'Vik Church'  © Denise Bush

‘Vik Church’ © Denise Bush

'Slopeside Shelter'  © Denise Bush

‘Slopeside Shelter’ © Denise Bush

'Church On the Peninsula'  © Denise Bush

‘Church On the Peninsula’ © Denise Bush

60 Responses to “Iceland I”

  1. Awesome scenery, and liking very much the absence of them pesky humans.

  2. Everything about your photos, from composition to processing, is excellent. I am anxious to see more.

  3. Some gorgeous images here Denise, especially like morning crystals 😎

  4. Astonishing quietude =) Among so beautiful compositions I find personally haunting the careful arrangement of breeze in the landscape of “Morning By the Sea” and the majestic scale of “Sheep Grazing at Skogafoss” (and I’m not friend of churches but is fantastic how the last church looks so tridimensional) Kind regards, Denise.

    • Thank you Francis. ‘Quietude’ … I like that. Iceland was a quiet place and the people were laid back and quiet too. I had a moment of culture shock coming back to the Newark, NJ airport.

  5. 11 Deb

    Wonderful photos Denise. I also didn’t know where to start in processing them and skipped around as well. I love how we saw the same scenery but our photos are very different! I loved looking at them! 🙂

  6. These are incredibly stunning images! Thank you sharing and whetting my appetite for more!

    • Stay tuned … I have quite a few more that I want to process. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and leave a comment. 🙂

  7. Welcome home! Looking forward to all you will be posting.

  8. It’s nice to see your interpretation of the place. You are showing a much brighter and airy place than I’ve seen on other Iceland photographs. I always love your interpretations of the places you visit. Please keep these photographs coming!

  9. All magnificent! I think my favorites are ‘Sheep Grazing at Skogafoss’ and ‘Icebergs at Sunrise.’ Sooo different from when I visited–the day was dark and it poured relentlessly. Also really like ‘Church on the Peninsula.’ I can’t wait to see the rest. Can’t wait to get back there too!

    • Thanks Cathy. We got rained out at a few places too. If it was raining lightly I used OpTech Rainsleeves to keep my camera dry but it definitely added to the challenge, working the buttons, dials and live view thru plastic. Then there were times when it was raining hard sideways. That’s why we need to go back! 🙂

  10. I sure can relate… so many pics and where to start. I like that you jumped around and was happy that you had some clouds and not just overcast and gray. Can’t wait to catch up with you at the Oct meeting… from what i see you truly had an adventure!!!!

    • We had plenty of overcast and gray too. It was an awesome adventure. I want to move there but Brent says it’s too cold and rainy for his old man bones. See you at the meeting.

  11. 26 Russ Hunt

    As usual Denise all are stupendous. You have a great eye for composition.

  12. Really stunning images Denise! The Vik Church and the Fallen Rocks remind me of some scenes in the Grampian Mountains in the north of Scotland where there’s a wee cottage at the bottom of a massive mountain and you wonder . . .

  13. Lovely photos. Its not somewhere I have ever considered going but these images may have changed my mind. I do wish however that I could see some of them at a larger size, especially ‘icebergs at sunrise’.

    • Thank you. I know … the horizontal images on my blog are a bit small. I have mixed feelings about it. I will be putting some of them on Fine Art America where they can be viewed quite large. The link is in the upper right column. And with the next post I’ll try posting larger ones so that when you click you can see a larger file. (In the past I didn’t like how the small image looked when I did this.) Thanks for looking!!!

  14. Beautiful and professional compositions, just wonderful. Congratulations!

  15. Lovely shots and beautiful photos.
    All the best.

  16. Wonderful shots. It looks like a beautiful place.

    • I think it must be the most beautiful place in the world … it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too anyway. Beauty around every corner!

  17. 38 mary fenton

    Wonderful Denise I love the wide expanses. So different.

  18. These are fabulous. I have landscape envy and composition envy just for starters. I have not been to Iceland but I feel I ought to go. Some of these shots have to be framed. Icebergs at Sunrise and Falling Rocks, woo hoo!

  19. 42 Maggie Beck

    Oh, Denise! These are magic! Iceland and Greenland are on my short list of places that I plan to visit, but your photos have taken me there in my imagination. Thank you for posting these!

  20. 44 bigbird34

    These are stunning! What a beautiful world we live in.

  21. Unbelievable photos. Those scenes are absolutely stunning! I wish I had a better way to describe it, but I’m just speechless at the beauty you captured.

  22. Terrific job Denise. Simply world-class photos!

  23. Denise, these images are fabulous. The colors and composition are excellent. Were you on a photo workshop or traveling on your own? I’m looking forward to seeing more from this trip.

    • Hi Robin. I went with 7 photographer friends. One of the friends is very good at planning and he made all the reservations for us. We saved a lot of money by going on our own rather than on a workshop.

  24. Hi Denise, just stopping by to say how much I enjoyed looking at your Iceland images. What struck me was your use of structures – simple, understated structures that give a wonderful sense of scale (and contrast, too) to those dramatically grand settings! Breathtaking work, what an incredible opportunity to visit there!

    • Oh, thanks so much for your kind words and thoughtful comment!!! I just can’t stay away from little shacks, abandoned places or ruins, no matter where I am!

  25. Very nice photos. “Church On The Peninsula” appeals to me the most.

  26. Gorgeous landscapes, love your compositions especially ‘Falling Rocks’. Looks like a great place to visit with other photographers. Definitely on my bucket list to visit.

    • You should visit Beth … as soon as you can! You never know when the next big volcano might erupt, changing the landscape and travel conditions. There is a big one, Bardarbunga stirring right now.

  27. Beautiful images.

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