Iceland II


Processing my images is coming along … slow but sure. Once again I am showing images in random order shot over a ten day period. I’m afraid my first post may have been misleading, giving the impression that Iceland is a sunny place! It was quite the opposite much of the time. It rained in some amount daily, and I was happy that I came prepared with my rain gear and two pairs of rain pants … I wore them every day. I used OpTech Rainsleeves to protect my camera and continued to shoot when it was raining … a little cumbersome but doable. Other times high winds and torrential rain kept us from photographing altogether. We went dirt-roading one rainy day into the mossy highlands but had to turn back when we came across a swift moving wash in the road. The weather was constantly changing and we took our moments when the sun peeked out here and there. Four attempts were made to photograph the Aurora Borealis. A  green glow registered on our sensors but the lights were not very strong and the sky was not totally clear. We used an Aurora app that alerted us when there would be a possibility of seeing it and it was fun trying. In the last image look for the slight green glow behind the moving clouds.

'Iceberg Beach'  © Denise Bush

‘Iceberg Beach’ © Denise Bush

'Beached Jewel'  © Denise Bush

‘Beached Jewel’ © Denise Bush

Icelandic Ruins'  © Denise Bush

Icelandic Ruins’ © Denise Bush

'Twins'  © Denise Bush

‘Twins’ © Denise Bush

'Up On the Hill'  © Denise Bush

‘Up On the Hill’ © Denise Bush

'Ruins By the Sea'  © Denise Bush

‘Ruins By the Sea’ © Denise Bush

'Skogafoss Rainbow'  © Denise Bush

‘Skogafoss Rainbow’ © Denise Bush

'Mossy Cascade'  © Denise Bush

‘Mossy Cascade’ © Denise Bush

'Red Barn With Waterfall' © Denise Bush

‘Red Barn With Waterfall’ © Denise Bush

'The Blue Lagoon'  © Denise Bush

‘The Blue Lagoon’ © Denise Bush

'Night Sky Blur'  © Denise Bush

‘Night Sky Blur’ © Denise Bush

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51 Responses to “Iceland II”

  1. 1 west517

    Absolutely stunning images Denise! ❤ …gorgeous

  2. Great work….

  3. Denise, all of these photos are amazing! I’d have a hard time picking a favorite–the ruins, rainbow and red barn are all awesome, but I think “Twins” could be at the top of my list. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Vicki! I like to hear which ones people like best. I have a few Icelandic horse pictures to come.There were a lot of sheep and horses.

  4. These are great pictures! Thanks for sharing. ‘Iceberg Beach’ and Skogafoss Rainbow’: sublimes.

  5. Beautiful…simply beautiful.

  6. Great images, Denise. Keep them coming! Thanks

  7. Another terrific set of images, Denise. Still working on mine.

  8. All lovely – but I seem to strongly connect to the Islandic Ruins the most.

    • Thanks Season. I really liked that scene when we found it. It was raining but it spoke to me so I was determined to make something out of it. Glad I conveyed what it is that you can connect with!

  9. I love your very first image on the first blog. Amazingly 3D looking. Right off the set of Jurassic Park. All the others are equally beautiful. Incredible captures of such a stunning place. Makes me want to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  10. 21 bigbird34

    These are awesome to look at. Beautiful!

  11. Amazing work and amazing places you have traveled to. I was wondering what lens or lenses you are using for your landscape photos. I am mostly macro and underwater at that but I am trying more topside.

    • Thank you. I mostly used a 24-105mm for the landscapes. I had a 16-35mm wide angle with me too but often it was too wide on my full frame camera. I also took a 70-200mm for getting in a little closer when needed. All my lenses are pro Canon lenses.

  12. 25 Bill Allsopp Photography

    A fine set but I especially like the ice pictures.

    • Thanks Bill. I think the ice pics are popular because they are a little unusual. I had a lot of fun shooting there. I thought of the ice as jewels on a beach.

  13. Wonderful sense of composition here. I know Iceland is in vogue but these are still mighty fine shots.

  14. 29 Deb Frickanisce

    Another wonderful series Denise! Brings back memories!

  15. Yup…. pretty much speechless….. wonderful images!!

  16. I guess you realize with the number of comments that you have a winning set of images here. I am loving our take on Iceland because I’m having trouble finding a favorite image. They all sort of build a beautiful impression of this strange and beautiful place. Each post is putting Iceland higher on my bucket list.

    • I love my followers and appreciate all their comments and encouragement! Iceland is definitely worthy of a high place on your bucket list. If you want a guide (now that I’ve been there) I’m for hire!!!

  17. 35 Linda

    Denise, I am in awe of the beauty and serenity that you captured. Your breathtaking images speak volumes…the vastness of space, crisp air and unique, earthy environment. Now I MUST go to Iceland. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    • Thanks Linda. I don’t know if you will like Iceland … there’s lots of waterfalls! 🙂

      • 37 Linda

        Haha, good point. But they’re so immense with other spectacular points of interest, like towering over a teeny little hut … Who wouldn’t love it. 😀
        And that green!! *sigh* Reminds me of Ireland, which I loved, and miss, especially the way you feel when you’re there… Beautiful job capturing that sense of quiet, peace and serenity. 🙂

  18. I like (and admire) them all. Favorites: the tones of the Beached Jewel; the desolation of Icelandic Ruins; and the racing away of Night Sky Blur.

  19. Beautiful series of images. ‘Iceberg Beach’, ‘Beached Jewel’ and ‘Red Barn With Waterfall’ are fabulous.

  20. Another wonderful set of images especially ‘Skogafoss Rainbow’ and ‘Ruins By the Sea’. Sounds like Iceland is not for the faint of heart but well worth the effort.

  21. I’m intrigued by the ‘iceberg beach’ where was that?

    • The icebergs on the beach were adjacent to the Jökulsárlón Lagoon in South Iceland, right on the Ring Road. The glacier meets the lagoon and chunks fall in and then are carried out to sea with the tide. The waves in the ocean wash them onto the black sand beach. There were a lot of people there and you can’t miss it right along the Ring Road.

      • Thank you much for this in depth reply. I did go to Jökulárlón, however didn’t hang around too long, because I sometimes find it difficult to capture the feel of a place when there are too many people around, so unfortunately I didn’t see the beach. Will look next time 🙂

  22. Cool Photos! My beloved Iceland – your pics made me missing

  23. I’m getting caught up with your Iceland pics. Iceberg Beach and Icelandic Ruins are my favorites from this set. Especially the light in Iceberg Beach.

  24. Just fantastic images.

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