Peaceful Pines


When it started snowing one morning a few weeks ago I headed out with my camera … to remedy my cabin fever if nothing else! I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going and traveled quite a few miles looking for something to call out to me. I checked out several of my usual spots for something special happening in the gray and snowy, winter lighting. Finally I found myself at a spot where some white pine trees grow. The trees, planted neat and orderly are something one doesn’t see often in the Pinelands where I live and being a bit of a ‘neat freak’ they spoke to me. Not wanting the fun to end I went to a second location not too far from the first and photographed there as well. Providing some shelter from the snow and wind, it was very quiet and being among the pine trees gave me a feeling of peace. I have often said that I find my spiritual inspiration in nature and this was an experience that certainly supported my belief. These studies, about pattern, texture and repetition are just the beginning. I hope to return in different light conditions to explore more photographic possibilities among these peaceful pines.

'Snow Falling On Pines'  © Denise Bush

‘Snow Falling On Pines’ © Denise Bush

'Peaceful Pines'  © Denise Bush

‘Peaceful Pines’ © Denise Bush

'All In A Row'  © Denise Bush

‘All In A Row’ © Denise Bush

'Forest Pattern'  © Denise Bush

‘Forest Pattern’ © Denise Bush

'Winter's Trail'  © Denise Bush

‘Winter’s Trail’ © Denise Bush


45 Responses to “Peaceful Pines”

  1. Peaceful and beautiful pines!

  2. I’ve been by this stand of white pines and never really thought of stopping and photographing them. Maybe they are a little too neat and orderly for me. I do enjoy how your nice straight lines in the “Peaceful Pines” and the “All in a Row” photographs mix it up with the random orderliness of the other photographs. It’s obvious that you had some good fun among those Peaceful Pines. Thanks for the smile on such a bleak and rainy day.

    • Thanks for visiting and letting me know your thoughts. You are right … even the trees that were not in a row had a random ‘orderliness’ about them.

  3. 5 Deb

    Fantastic Denise!
    I love “All In A Row”, the light dusting of snow on the leaves just adds that something special! Great job!

  4. I’d want to walk forever through the Peaceful Pines.

  5. The second photo is really nice, I like it! Congrats!

  6. Denise, I love ‘All in a Row’ and ‘Forest Pattern’ the best. The first one because of the angle you used in photographing the line of pines, the second one because of the, well, patterns–of the greens and browns and the tiny horizontal branches. Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos, Denise. Love them all.

  8. Very peaceful captures – I really like the two verticals. Nice job at getting rid of your cabin fever.

  9. Lovely, peaceful, neat … I love listening to the woods. You captured the spirit of the day.

  10. 20 Shirley O'Neill

    Really lovely. You certainly have an eye for art. You make magic!

    • Thank you Shirley for your very nice comment. Finding something a little different to focus on in the Pines gets tougher the longer I’ve been photographing here.

  11. Excellent series. I always struggle with the ‘back light’ through the trees, whether to let it burn out or try to reduce the highlights to a better balance. Stands of trees make beautiful subjects – I think we all relate to them – but Peaceful Pines, All in a Row and Winter’s Trail are better to me for the path through them. It invites us to speculate on where they might lead us. B&W perhaps? 😉

    • Thanks for your insight Andrew. I didn’t have a problem with the back-light because the light was so flat on this particular day. I tried ‘All In A Row’ in B&W and felt it wasn’t as strong because of the low contrast … I’m guessing. Maybe with side lighting some B&Ws from this location will work better.

  12. Don’t remember where this is, but I have seen these trees. I love this kind of patterning. “Peaceful Pines” really captures the essence.

    • I’m glad you appreciate the ‘patterning’. I have been drawn to pattern since the beginning … even when I was doing illustration. It’s in my artist statement as a matter of fact!

  13. What a magical moment you had within the forest. I can hear the silence in the snow fall. The second image is the most compelling to me.

  14. Beautiful – I love being in the forest during a snowstorm – there is a hushed serenity there. The diminishing perspective in ‘Peaceful Pines’ is quite dramatic and I like the meandering path in ‘Winter’s Trail’ – great shots.

  15. Hey cabin suits you well… the strongest images for me were the “peaceful pines” and “all in a row”. I think the order in the trees and the way they pull me in resonated well upon viewing.

    • Thanks Mickey. I guess the ‘orderliness’ (as Rich put it) is a little more unusual for us. In reading the comments those 2 images seem to be getting the most votes.

  16. So incredible! Your pictures are so very precious!

  17. Great series! Have you ever read the book “Snow falling on cedars”?

    • Yes … I have read that book and have seen the movie. I kept thinking about that title while out shooting these … hence my first title, ‘Snow Falling On Pines’. Fun to hear you made the connection!

  18. 36 Editor

    So very restful and evocative of a solitary walk in the winter woods…

  19. I love the way you describe your settings. Great pictures as well. The symmetry of these trees do in fact look very peaceful.

  20. A wonderful study of the pines!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  21. 42 lauraandkids

    Hi Denise,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed the snow falling but the all in a row is just mesmerizing. That is a nice walk to be able to take to get away from cabin fever.

  22. Awesome lines and great soft processing.

    • Thanks! For me these are all about the lines, patterns and repetition. I tried to process them to how I remembered it feeling. Fine, light snow and gray skies.

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