Better Late Than Never


I am a bit late posting my 2014 website photo gallery … a yearly tradition since 2003. This 12th year of digital photography took me on some fun photo adventures with the highlight being a trip to Iceland. It was something my friends and I had anticipated for almost two years and it did not disappoint! Locations near and not so far make up the rest of the gallery and I hope you will enjoy taking a look. Now I can check ‘2014 gallery’ off my to-do list and as mother would say, ‘better late than never!’ (Click the picture to see the gallery.)

28 Responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Year 12 was another good year. Spectacular images to be enjoyed. Thank you.

  2. Never too late to see what your year brought us… sorry we did not get to talk at the reception, the “Frozen Stream” was exceptional. Your picks for the year seem just as relevant as if you were still putting pics up for our monthly contests. I do miss viewing what that creative mind would enter but I see by this grouping that you never lost a step. 🙂

    • Thanks Mike! It’s all about pleasing myself with my photography these days rather than a judge. Of course encouraging comments from friends (or even constructive criticism) is always welcome!

  3. Denise, I’m saving this as a ‘favorite’ so I can come back and visit your wonderful photos again and again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fabulous collection, Denise! As always your titles are as creative as your images. I love looking at them and love reading them as well. They are worth viewing over and over again. They are timeless, so there’s no such thing as too late. Viewing them is a wonderful experience any time.

  5. Oh Denise, what a wonderful series of shots! Thank you.

  6. Perfection! Beauty! Sheer Joy! Thank you!

  7. You have some very beautiful photographs here! A lot of them look like they tell great stories and have history.

  8. Love ’em all!

  9. Lovely images!

  10. That certainly is a stunning collection of images, and Iceland has always been high on my photographic bucket list too. Maybe one day. 🙂

  11. Iceland has such stark beauty and cries out to be photographed. I particularly like the black and white photos, with their high relief textures and gritty image details.

  12. Beautiful photos, Denise. You certainly are a talented photographer.

  13. 27 Jocelyne

    So happy to discover your blog, wonderful photography ! 🙂

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