Retired in Florida


A short family vacation to Florida was a nice respite from all the cold and snow here in Southern New Jersey. It was hard to leave the warm 81 degree weather and come back to more winter. Since the purpose of the trip was to be with family I didn’t do much photography and with new carry on limitations and fees I brought just my camera and ‘walk around’ lens. We went to a couple of outdoor eateries that were along a lake, under large grandfather oak trees draped in spanish moss. Of course the trees are quite different from what I am used to so I couldn’t resist studying them and taking a few shots.

Retired in Florida

‘Retired in Florida’ © Denise Bush

Spanish Moss Study

‘Spanish Moss Study’ © Denise Bush

23 Responses to “Retired in Florida”

  1. Looks like central Florida, and definitely nicer than the weather around here.

  2. Wonderful pictures!

  3. 5 Russ Hunt

    Southern trees are really beautiful to photograph. You captured some nice ones.

    • I was chomping at the bit when we were driving through the countryside. I saw all kinds of grandfather oaks and shacks too… some in the same scene. Next time I go I am taking a morning for photography. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Yesterday a friend reported having a problem posting a comment. She was frustrated that she spent some time drafting a comment and when she clicked ‘post comment’ she got a message saying the comment could not be posted. If anyone has a similar experience please let me know by emailing

  5. Good shots – at least you got a break from this winter – albeit a too short break as we are still in the grips of the cold.

    • Thanks Robert. Yes, we got about 7 inches of snow yesterday and the temps are just 20 something today. It won’t be long before we are complaining about the heat!

      • My folks used to have a place in Punta Gorda and it was a nice break from the weather in the Northeast…hoping there is merit to the adage “in like a lion, out like a lamb…”

  6. Wonderful moss photos, Denise – you’ve captured the iconic live oak draped in Spanish moss scenes that speak of the South. So beautiful!

  7. Love oaks and moss. Truly southern.

  8. 16 Catherine Bonetti

    I’ve never been to Florida so I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing these trees. Luv! Great textures & color…

  9. Like Retried in Florida. Almost missed the old truck. Looks like an old friend of yours; did you drive it down there just to photograph it?

    I spent a week on Sanibel in February and regretted that it was so short. Trying to work up to spending 14 days there next year. It’s laid back, nothing taller than a palm tree, no traffic lights.

    • I didn’t drive it but you know how I like finding old weathered subjects! I like how the size of the tree and distance dwarfed the truck. (My sister actually pointed it out.)

  10. Thank you for sharing photos of these magnificent old trees, decorated with shards of floating Spanish Moss. They create such a look of grandeur, don’t they?

  11. It’s nice of you to work a nice little chunk of rusty metal into one of those images.

    • You know I ‘lust for rust’. If it is there, I MUST photograph it. I like how the distant truck makes the oak seem even larger.

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