Abstract Expressionism … at a Crossroads


While traveling south on a photo adventure last week my friend and I stopped to photograph some rather unique abandoned buildings. Situated at a busy crossroads in a rural setting, they more than stood out with their bold, abstract expressionistic designs. Odd and fascinating they provided a fun subject as I set out to photograph the artwork in such a way to repurpose it, and make it my own.

Pollock Inspired

‘Pollock Inspired’ © Denise Bush

Swirling Siding

‘Swirling Siding’ © Denise Bush

Picasso Inspired

‘Picasso Inspired’ © Denise Bush

Painted Pattern

‘Painted Pattern’ © Denise Bush

Abandoned Abstract

‘Abandoned Abstract’ © Denise Bush

The Yellow Door

‘The Yellow Door’ © Denise Bush

35 Responses to “Abstract Expressionism … at a Crossroads”

  1. 1 MikeP

    Well that sure is one painted place… nice to see how you chose to ‘tame’ all those lines and colors. Tunnel view and last doorway comp are my favs.

    • Thanks for being the first to chime in Mike! Yes, in all my OCD neatness I felt the urge to ‘tame’ the scenes in some way!

  2. I can hear your brakes screeching to a stop! What a find. I like the tunnel view best.

  3. Wow and this is just the beginning. Love the yellow door capture.

  4. Very impressive, thanks!

  5. More than once I’ve heard you talk about making other people’s art your own when you photograph it. You did that wonderfully here with your compositions. Tastefully placed doors, windows and your cropping of the buildings is great.

  6. A great subject and you have worked wonders with it. The Yellow Door is superb. The eye roves around and through the image with so much to discover.

  7. Very cool!!

  8. 15 jopat700

    Inspired captures. Wonderful work, Denise.

  9. 17 Russ Hunt

    All beautiful, Denise.

  10. Phenominal! Well done!

  11. Great stuff as always Denise.

  12. No longer an ‘eyesore’ but art! Brilliant!

  13. Fantastic! I love these old abandoned places.

    Wonderful shots Denise.

  14. Great find and I like the tie in to modernist art. This in your home state?

  15. Hi Denise. I must say that all the pieces are quite fascinating. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Thank you for the visit in return and taking the time to comment Walter. I’m glad you like the images. More from my trip are coming soon!

  16. The writing is on the wall 😉
    Pitty it’s in such bad shape.

    • The fact that there is some weathering and decay makes these subjects all the more interesting to me. Thanks for the visit and comment!

  17. Wonderful series of images and a great location. The buildings look amazing.

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