Silhouettes At Sunrise


A major objective on a recent photo adventure to South Carolina was to photograph the trees in the ocean at Edisto Island. I had been admiring photographs from this location for years. When we arrived we learned that the road leading to them was washed out and closed. Dismayed, we surveyed the area on Google Earth to see if we could find an alternate route but were unsuccessful. Each day we checked the road to see if it had been repaired, and then finally, the day before we were to leave we learned it would open the next morning. Hurray… we were thrilled and the first ones at the gate which opened at 6 am! In the dark, we hiked a half mile to the beach and there they were, trees in the water and along the beach. I quickly set my sights on a tree that I found to have the most pleasing shape and got to work. Finding a vantage point along the cluttered beach that was away from the surf was important so that my camera did not move during the exposure. Pre-visualizing the look of a long exposure to smooth out the breakers my first exposure was long enough to achieve what I was after, because it was still quite dark. As the sky began to lighten I used a 6-stop and then a 10-stop ND filter. Being there was a wonderful experience and I feel so fortunate that we were able to photograph at this location before ending our awesome adventure.

Tree At Dawn

‘Tree At Dawn’ © Denise Bush
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Sunrise Dream

‘Sunrise Dream’ © Denise Bush

Sunrise Silhouette

‘Sunrise Silhouette’ © Denise Bush
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‘Awakening’ © Denise Bush
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45 Responses to “Silhouettes At Sunrise”

  1. 1 Deb

    Tree at Dawn and Awakening…..Love!

  2. Wonderful pics, Denise. Glad you were able to get there.

    • Thanks Ken! I sure was happy since this was my number one reason for wanting to go to this location in the first place! Now I can check it off my bucket list.

  3. Absolutely lovely images. A neutral density filter is a wonderful thing in skilled hands. I’m glad you got to photograph that place. I’m heading to Ameila Island in Florida on business soon and you’ve inspired me spend a morning on Jekyll Island which isn’t far from there.

  4. What a cool spot! Trees in the shoreline; yeah that’s not something you normally see. They are all nice; I like Sunrise Silhouette best.

    • Hi Terry and thanks for visiting. I just told Brent that ‘Sunrise Silhouette’ was my favorite too. I have more coming in B&W at some point using the 10-stop ND filter.

  5. D……nice images! Gave me a peaceful start to my day….thanx…..en theos..j

  6. I love all of the images. My favorites are Tree at Dawn and Awakening.

  7. Excellent series. I’ve often wanted to get down there but so far haven’t made it. It’s great that you were able to get there before you had to leave.

    • Thanks Robin. There weren’t as many trees in the water as I had imagined. There were some tangled messes here and there, as well as the high tide often in the way of trying different compositions. I didn’t walk very far down the beach because I didn’t want to miss one minute of the great light.

  8. Nice work!

  9. Love them. Fun to see. Looking forward to the rest.

  10. Gorgeous scenes and a great job of capturing them! Hard to pick a favorite.

  11. Bravo! A beautiful series!

  12. Gorgeous shots, Denise. This is a fantastic spot to shoot. Were you with Tony Sweet? He was just talking about the road being washed out. Loved coming here when I lived in Charleston.

    • Thanks Jane. I know Tony and we ran into him twice. I was thrilled when he gave me a picture he shot of me on Folly Beach with god beams and a seagull flying overhead! We also ran into his group at the Arthur Ravenal Bridge at sunset. (Pics to come!)

  13. Very nice shots! Plenty of light!

  14. 28 Albert Horner

    Bravo! on Sunrise Silhouette. Wonderful.

  15. Fantastic photos, Denise. A curious occurrence…seeing trees in the ocean, I had to wrack my brain as to how this came to be. I’m guessing a storm eroded the shore line, stranding the trees. Is that right?

  16. Wonderful images as usual Denise. I am down in Hilton Head til May 1st and I am tempted to take a ride 🙂 I just love being in the low country. When I saw you were with Tony Sweet I knew you would come home with wonderful photos.

  17. Sweet series, Denise.

  18. Wow! Very beautiful photos. Glad you were able to get in and capture them.

  19. That tree is a very good find!
    Very good photos here 😉

  20. Terrific images… Well worth the perseverance to get these images.

  21. 42 Wayne Wrights

    Very nice images. Honored to have met you and Beth at Sheldon Church. This area is on my bucket list to do. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.

  22. 44 ulsterphotosimages

    Brill images !!

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