Tree Tunnel Attraction


There’s something about tree-lined country roads that I’ve always loved and I suppose I am not alone. They draw us in and this is especially so when the trees create a tunnel affect. The first image provides this affect, offering a white glow in the distance. Created by smoke from an area control burn this was lucky timing on our part. We scouted for other tree-lined roads and found one that offered some charm all its own.

Live Oak Tunnel

‘Live Oak Tunnel’ © Denise Bush
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Low Country Road

‘Low Country Road’ © Denise Bush

43 Responses to “Tree Tunnel Attraction”

  1. I love country roads – these are beautiful!

  2. 3 Deb

    Lovely! “Low country road” is my fav.

  3. I’m going through a tree phase at the moment. I can see the attraction very clearly. Lovely photography as always.

  4. 7 Albert Horner

    I love those places. Wish we had more in NJ. They have a pile of them in England.

  5. A beautiful tree tunnel. Thanks!

  6. Just as we saw them, gorgeous.

  7. Excellent images. We don’t see that spanish moss up here in Virginia.

  8. 15 Russ Hunt

    Lovely view, Denise.

  9. Where is this? Bee-yoo-tee-ful!!!!’

  10. Two thumbs up!

  11. 21 Linda

    Love these, Denise! It’s awesome timing on the controlled burn. Great eye, beautiful images.

    • Thanks Linda. At first we weren’t sure if it was a good thing but in the end it was worth coming out of there smelling like smoke.

  12. I agree, there is something quite soothing about a natural tree tunnel.

  13. Really lovely images. I agree with you that there is something special about tree tunnels, especially those big trees in the south with the Spanish Moss dripping from them. The first photogrpah makes me want to add a smoke generator to my camera bag.

  14. It like the scence in Game of Thrones film?

  15. Just awesome

  16. How lovely, I’ve yet to find a tree tunnel in my area, this one is special.

  17. 34 Sarah

    Just beautiful! Where I’d like to be….

  18. I love roads like this – my favorite are the plantation homes down south where the tree lined streets lead to a big country home at the top of them.

  19. I live in Charleston and this tree tunnel is familiar to me. Perhaps on the way to see the Angel Oak? I hope you enjoyed the Charleston area!

    • No… we never did go to the Angel Oak. After Boone Plantation and Magnolia Gardens on 2 separate days we had enough of the touristy spots. These were on Edisto Island where we stayed. Thanks so much for looking and commenting.

  20. Absolutely superb. I love tree draped roads!

  21. Great find and great talent to capture them!!

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