Here Comes The Sun


Piers are fun photography subjects and this one at Folly Beach, South Carolina was no exception. The clouds that spit out a few raindrops just to tease early in the morning turned out to provide us with the gift of a dramatic sky instead. It was one of those mornings that the clouds and color just kept coming. I used a 6-stop ND filter to smooth out the water and moved around to get as many angles and compositions as I could. I have selected a few to display here.

'Before Sunrise At Folly Beach Pier' © Denise Bush

‘Before Sunrise At Folly Beach Pier’ © Denise Bush
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'Here Comes The Sun' © Denise Bush

‘Here Comes The Sun’ © Denise Bush

'Under The Pier' © Denise Bush

‘Under The Pier’ © Denise Bush

35 Responses to “Here Comes The Sun”

  1. 1 Deb

    Very beautiful! “Here comes the sun” is my fav.!

  2. What you can do with a little color. I love the reflections on the wet sand of the sky. It’s what makes these great photographs instead of really good photographs.

    • I guess the ones with reflections appealed to me now that you’ve made me realize all 3 have some kind of reflection. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I need to catch up on your blog. We have been on the road a lot.

  3. Gorgeous shots

  4. Wonderful images, Denise.

  5. Truly wonderful photographs.

  6. My favourite time of day. Love the use of the 6 stop ND filter. Fab photos.

  7. 13 Joe perno

    Beautiful Shots Denise, I never get tired of Sunrise/Sunsets. These are exceptional.

  8. 15 Russ Hunt

    All beauties.

  9. You captured everything so beautifully. The clouds, colors and reflections worked into great compositions.

  10. 19 Linda

    Love them all. Beautiful!

  11. All well done – but I really like #3 Under the Pier.

  12. My fave is “under the pier”, too. All are great, though. 🙂

  13. 26 MikeP

    Great sky for the shoot…. leaving the band of colored light right along the pylons works so well for that pic. Love to see more from this trip.

  14. What a gorgeous morning! Wonderfully photographed and composed! I like them all.

  15. I like this shot, good job.

  16. Love all three, but the two without the sky are brilliant.

  17. 34 Cathie

    Totally love “Under the Pier.” Love how you make the water seem so soft.

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