Circa 1885


According to Wikipedia this house is the oldest known house associated with the black community on Edisto Island, SC after the Civil War. It was the home of Henry Hutchinson, who built and operated the first cotton gin owned by a black person on the island from about 1900 to 1920. Henry built this house in 1885 at the time of his marriage to Rosa Swinton and resided here until his death about 1940. 

The red tin roof and three dormer windows are what attracted my attention most and I pre-visualized the triptych they would create by shooting each window separately. Over-grown wisteria and broken shutters are a plus that I feel adds character and interest to this nostalgic subject.

'Circa 1885'  © Denise Bush

‘Circa 1885’ © Denise Bush

16 Responses to “Circa 1885”

  1. 1 Deb

    Wonderful image Denise. I’m glad you got to “preserve” a little of the house, it makes me sad that it’s in such disrepair.

  2. Great images!!

  3. You’ve done justice to a nice piece of local history. The triptych idea is really nice and the lean of the dormers allows you to keep them in order too. I also love the photograph of the house. You made good use of all that wisteria to add a nice color to the composition.

  4. 7 Russ Hunt

    Great work

  5. This was such a beautiful place. You captured it perfectly. Shame of it is, the inside looks really pretty good. The tin roof has preserved it well. Love the triptych.

  6. 11 MikeP

    The places I am able to go to through others travels is never ending… love the Triptych and the background of this place…thanks!!!!

    • Thanks for checking in Mickey. It’s a big world out there… I don’t think we’ll run out of subjects in our lifetime!

  7. It’s wonderful!

  8. 15 Cathie

    You always find the best places to create a work of art! Love this!

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