This Way To Charleston

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge, spanning the Cooper River, connecting Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC. In 1995 inspections revealed that the bridge in use at the time scored very low for safety. Retired US Congressman, Arthur Ravenel Jr. re-entered politics as a SC senator with the goal of raising funds and creating partnerships that helped to realize the building of the bridge. It opened in 2005 and is the third largest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere.
Being one of Charleston’s most attractive features it only made sense that my friend and I put this bridge on our list of places to visit. We went to a park underneath the bridge to scout and found the vantage point was rather extreme. On our way to nearby Patriot’s Point we noticed a parking area that offered a good view looking west and decided to come back before sunset. When we arrived we were surprised that others knew about our discovery as well. By the the time sunset arrived there must have been 16 or more people including a workshop group. There was plenty of room for everyone and the sunset cooperated with our goal!
'Charleston This Way' © Denise Bush (click for larger image)

‘Charleston This Way’ © Denise Bush
(click image to view larger)

'Arthur Ravenel Bridge at Twilight' © Denise Bush

‘Arthur Ravenel Bridge at Twilight’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

10 Responses to “This Way To Charleston”

  1. Lovely shot.

  2. 3 Chuck Aitken

    Nicely done!!

  3. 5 Russ Hunt

    Very nice

  4. 7 Deb


  5. 9 Andrew

    Great lookout point but tough I guess to find a new angle.

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