Sacred Ruins


Old Sheldon Church
Located outside of Charleston lies ruins from what was originally named Prince William’s Parish Church but known as Sheldon. The first structure was built in the Greek Revival style between 1745 and 1753. The structure was burned by the British Army in 1779, then after being rebuilt in 1826 was burned again by the Federal Army in 1865.

As I walked the church grounds I felt a serene connection that encouraged me to slow down in finding compositions that called to me. A few surviving gravestones were scattered in the yard reminding me of those that were here before. Twisted oaks and spanish moss combined with the decaying pillars and arches, creating a unique and beautiful place to spend some time.

'Old Sheldon Church Ruins'  © Denise Bush

‘Old Sheldon Church Ruins’ © Denise Bush

'Brick Ruins'  © Denise Bush

‘Brick Ruins’ © Denise Bush

'Pillars From The Past'  © Denise Bush

‘Pillars From The Past’ © Denise Bush

'Arch Triptych'  © Denise Bush

‘Arch Triptych’ © Denise Bush

'Twisted Root'  © Denise Bush

‘Twisted Root’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Sacred Ruins”

  1. Amazing place! I drove to Charleston about 10 years ago for a 3D convention, but didn’t do research. Pity I missed this ruin. I like all your images equally.

  2. Denise, these are great images! My favorite is Brick Ruins…love the composition of that one best! Adding this to my list!!!

  3. 5 jopat700

    Wonderful images, Denise. I have never been to Charleston, but you certainly found a great place to photograph. If I had to select a favorite it would be the first one. It’s very intriguing.

  4. Excellent series. Thanks!

  5. 9 Deb

    Really love this series Denise. I think the twisted root is my favorite.

  6. Another set of amazingly good images, Denise. You have a great eye and taking the time to find compositions paid off.

  7. Stunning location beautifully captured. The “Twisted Root” is my favorite.

  8. great series, beautiful trees in the grounds.

  9. Beautiful rendering – nothing like the South to slow you down…it just happens. Check out Barboursville Winery in Virginia – it has a similar Pre-war house on the property.

  10. 22 Sharon Mann

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photography and the background history.

  11. Like Brick Ruin and Twisted Root. Found this post by accident; don’t know how I missed it. Maybe it’s because you’re so far away. Hope things are going well for you and Brent.

    In transit to life at the shore with last major loads today (thank God for Sigrid and her Suburban). Then right back up here tomorrow for the last SJCC meeting. Ready for that.

    • I’m back! Yeah, where have you been? There are several more posts from the Charleston area (which I know you are fond of). If you click on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog at the top then scroll you will see them all.

      I hope you have a great summer at the Shore!!!

  12. 26 Cathie

    Twisted Root is my favorite. You always find he best places to photograph.

  13. I am drawn to each of your compositions here 🙂 If I had to choose one in particular than it would be the second one.

  14. Great captures. So unique. Loved the compositions.

  15. 36 Illumination Photography

    Hello again! Thought I’d pop by to browse through your amazing images after experiencing a really bad day. Your photographs are really beautiful and inspiring and they made me feel so much better. You’re a wonderful artist and I love all your work!

    • I’m sorry you had a bad day and hope everything is OK. Thanks for making me feel good … been feeling a bit dejected lately myself. 😊

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